Maximiliano Jara Fornerod, PhD
Maximiliano Jara Fornerod, PhD
Postdoc, MIT
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Structural characterization of mesoporous thin film architectures: a tutorial overview
A Alvarez-Fernandez, B Reid, MJ Fornerod, A Taylor, G Divitini, S Guldin
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (5), 5195-5208, 2020
Phase behaviour and applications of a binary liquid mixture of methanol and a thermotropic liquid crystal
LA Serrano, MJ Fornerod, Y Yang, S Gaisford, F Stellacci, S Guldin
Soft Matter 14 (22), 4615-4620, 2018
Fluorinated metal–organic coatings with selective wettability
S Pan, JJ Richardson, AJ Christofferson, QA Besford, T Zheng, BJ Wood, ...
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A Alvarez-Fernandez, B Reid, J Suthar, SY Choy, MJ Fornerod, ...
Nanoscale 12 (35), 18455-18462, 2020
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A Alvarez-Fernandez, M Jara Fornerod, B Reid, S Guldin
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MJ Fornerod, E Amstad, S Guldin
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MJ Jara Fornerod, A Alvarez-Fernandez, ER Williams, MWA Skoda, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14 (50), 56143-56155, 2022
Faster intercalation pseudocapacitance enabled by adjustable amorphous titania where tunable isomorphic architectures reveal accelerated lithium diffusivity
W van den Bergh, T Larison, M Jesus Jara Fornerod, S Guldin, M Stefik
Batteries & Supercaps 5 (7), e202200122, 2022
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B Reid, I Mane, F Ahmed, MJ Fornerod, M Füredi, B Schmidt-Hansberg, ...
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 345, 112246, 2022
Silica inverse opal nanostructured sensors for enhanced immunodetection of extracellular vesicles by quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring
J Suthar, A Alvarez-Fernandez, A Taylor, MJ Fornerod, GR Williams, ...
ACS Applied Nano Materials 5 (9), 12951-12961, 2022
Glucose Oxidase Loading in Ordered Porous Aluminosilicates: Exploring the Potential of Surface Modification for Electrochemical Glucose Sensing
MJ Jara Fornerod, A Alvarez-Fernandez, M Michalska, ...
Chemistry of Materials 35 (18), 7577-7587, 2023
Liquid crystal-templated porous microparticles via photopolymerization of temperature-induced droplets in a binary liquid mixture
M Patel, A Alvarez-Fernandez, MJ Fornerod, ANP Radhakrishnan, ...
ACS omega 8 (23), 20404-20411, 2023
Core Shell Structured Multiferroic Nanocomposites for Smart Energy Harvesting: Electric Powering for Portable Electronic Devices
K Ramam, KC Mouli, MJ Fornerod, AES Rebolledo, A Yellapragada
Int. Rev. Appl. Eng. Res 4, 57-64, 2014
Wearable Microneedle Patch for Transdermal Electrochemical Monitoring of Urea in Interstitial Fluid
M Dervisevic, MJ Jara Fornerod, J Harberts, PS Zangabad, NH Voelcker
ACS sensors, 2024
On the rational design of mesoporous silica humidity sensors
M Füredi, A Alvarez‐Fernandez, MJJ Fornerod, B Fodor, S Guldin
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A new class of porous silicon electrochemical transducers built from pyrolyzed polyfurfuryl alcohol
AA Rajendran, K Guo, A Alvarez-Fernandez, TR Gengenbach, ...
Materials Today Advances 21, 100464, 2024
Cover Feature: Faster Intercalation Pseudocapacitance Enabled by Adjustable Amorphous Titania Where Tunable Isomorphic Architectures Reveal Accelerated Lithium Diffusivity …
W van den Bergh, T Larison, M Jesus Jara Fornerod, S Guldin, M Stefik
Batteries & Supercaps 5 (7), e202200251, 2022
Integration of microfluidics with microchips for a new lab-on-chip technology
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