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José Manuel Salgado
Minho University
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Lactic acid properties, applications and production: a review
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Potential of lees from wine, beer and cider manufacturing as a source of economic nutrients: An overview
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Combined bioremediation and enzyme production by Aspergillus sp. in olive mill and winery wastewaters
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Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 90 (13), 2168-2177, 2010
Development of cost-effective media to increase the economic potential for larger-scale bioproduction of natural food additives by Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Debaryomyces …
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Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 57 (21), 10414-10428, 2009
Enhancing the Bioconversion of Winery and Olive Mill Waste Mixtures into Lignocellulolytic Enzymes and Animal Feed by Aspergillus uvarum Using a Packed-Bed …
JM Salgado, L Abrunhosa, A Venâncio, JM Domínguez, I Belo
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Characterization of vinasses from five certified brands of origin (CBO) and use as economic nutrient for the xylitol production by Debaryomyces hansenii
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Food and Bioproducts Processing 102, 268-277, 2017
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