Maria Cristina Oliveira
Maria Cristina Oliveira
C2TN,DECN,Instituto Superior Tecnico,Universidade de Lisboa/ Portugal
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Radioiodination of new EGFR inhibitors as potential SPECT agents for molecular imaging of breast cancer
C Fernandes, C Oliveira, L Gano, A Bourkoula, I Pirmettis, I Santos
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 15 (12), 3974-3980, 2007
Melanocortin‐1 receptor‐targeting with radiolabeled cyclic α‐melanocyte‐stimulating hormone analogs for melanoma imaging
PD Raposinho, JDG Correia, MC Oliveira, I Santos
Peptide Science 94 (6), 820-829, 2010
Radioiodinated sunitinib as a potential radiotracer for imaging angiogenesis—radiosynthesis and first radiopharmacological evaluation of 5-[125I] Iodo-sunitinib
M Kuchar, MC Oliveira, L Gano, I Santos, T Kniess
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 22 (8), 2850-2855, 2012
Influence of the Bifunctional Chelator on the Pharmacokinetic Properties of 99mTc(CO)3-Labeled Cyclic α-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone Analog
M Morais, BL Oliveira, JDG Correia, MC Oliveira, MA Jiménez, I Santos, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 56 (5), 1961-1973, 2013
Synthesis and biological evaluation of two new radiolabelled estrogens:[125I](E)-3-methoxy-17α-iodovinylestra-1, 3, 5 (10), 6-tetraen-17β-ol and [125I](Z)-3-methoxy-17α …
MCM e Silva, L Patrı́cio, L Gano, MLS e Melo, E Inohae, S Mataka, ...
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Evaluation of Acridine Orange Derivatives as DNA-Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals for Auger Therapy: Influence of the Radionuclide and Distance to DNA
E Pereira, L Do Quental, E Palma, MC Oliveira, F Mendes, P Raposinho, ...
Scientific Reports 7, 2017
Evaluation of novel 99mTc(I)-labeled homobivalent α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone analogs for melanocortin-1 receptor targeting
M Morais, PD Raposinho, MC Oliveira, JDG Correia, I Santos
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Novel 7α-alkoxy-17α-(4′-halophenylethynyl) estradiols as potential SPECT/PET imaging agents for estrogen receptor expressing tumours: Synthesis and binding affinity evaluation
C Neto, MC Oliveira, L Gano, F Marques, T Yasuda, T Thiemann, T Kniess, ...
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Novel estradiol based metal complexes of Tc-99m
C Neto, MC Oliveira, L Gano, F Marques, T Thiemann, I Santos
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Steroid receptor ligands for breast cancer targeting: an insight into their potential role as pet imaging agents
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Isostructural Re (i)/99m Tc (i) tricarbonyl complexes for cancer theranostics
P Nunes, GR Morais, E Palma, F Silva, MC Oliveira, VFC Ferreira, ...
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 13 (18), 5182-5194, 2015
Progesterone receptor targeting with radiolabelled steroids: An approach in predicting breast cancer response to therapy
S Cunha, L Gano, GR Morais, T Thiemann, MC Oliveira
The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 137, 223-241, 2013
Radiohalogenated 4-anilinoquinazoline-based EGFR-TK inhibitors as potential cancer imaging agents
C Neto, C Fernandes, MC Oliveira, L Gano, F Mendes, T Kniess, I Santos
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Estrogen receptor ligands for targeting breast tumours: a brief outlook on radioiodination strategies
M Cristina Oliveira, C Neto, L Gano, F Marques, I Santos, T Thiemann, ...
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Fluorinated steroids and their derivatives
Y Al Jasem, T Thiemann, L Gano, MC Oliveira
Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, 2016
Evaluation of novel radioiodinated C7-substituted Δ6, 7-estradiol derivatives for molecular recognition of ER-positive breast tumours
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Synthesis of C7-Substituted Estra-1, 3, 5 (10), 6-Tetraen-3, 17 β-Diols
MC Neves Oliveira, T Thiemann
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NMR Structural Analysis of MC1R-Targeted Rhenium(I) Metallopeptides and Biological Evaluation of 99mTc(I) Congeners
M Morais, PD Raposinho, MC Oliveira, D Pantoja-Uceda, MA Jiménez, ...
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Radioiodinated ligands for the estrogen receptor: Effect of different 7-cyanoalkyl chains on the binding affinity of novel iodovinyl-6-dehydroestradiols
C Neto, MC Oliveira, L Gano, F Marques, I Santos, GR Morais, T Yasuda, ...
Applied Radiation and Isotopes 67 (2), 301-307, 2009
Syntbesis of 7-m-Amidoalkyl-substituted 6, 7-Debydroestra-3, 17~-diols
E Inohae, T Thiemann, S Mataka
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