Richard D.M. Nash
Richard D.M. Nash
IMR, Bergen
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The origin of Fulton’s condition factor—setting the record straight
RDM Nash, AH Valencia, AJ Geffen
Fisheries 31 (5), 236-238, 2006
Length–weight relationships for 21 coastal fish species of the Azores, north-eastern Atlantic
T Morato, P Afonso, P Lourinho, JP Barreiros, RS Santos, RDM Nash
Fisheries Research 50 (3), 297-302, 2001
Feeding ecology of the common shrimp crangon crangon in Port Erin Bay, Isle of Man, Irish Sea
CW Oh, RG Hartnoll, RDM Nash
Marine Ecology Progress Series 214, 211-223, 2001
Observation of the seasonal evolution of the Yellow Sea Cold Water Mass in 1996–1998
SW Zhang, QY Wang, Y Lü, H Cui, YL Yuan
Continental Shelf Research 28 (3), 442-457, 2008
Lessons learned from stock collapse and recovery of North Sea herring: a review
M Dickey-Collas, RDM Nash, T Brunel, CJG Van Damme, CT Marshall, ...
ICES Journal of Marine Science 67 (9), 1875-1886, 2010
Flatfishes: biology and exploitation
RN Gibson, RDM Nash, AJ Geffen, HW Van der Veer
John Wiley & Sons, 2014
Impacts of climate change on the complex life cycles of fish
P Petitgas, AD Rijnsdorp, M Dickey‐Collas, GH Engelhard, MA Peck, ...
Fisheries Oceanography 22 (2), 121-139, 2013
Recruitment in a changing environment: the 2000s North Sea herring recruitment failure
MR Payne, EMC Hatfield, M Dickey-Collas, T Falkenhaug, A Gallego, ...
ICES Journal of Marine Science 66 (2), 272-277, 2009
Seasonal distribution of young sole (Solea solea (L.)) in the nursery ground of the Bay of Vilaine (Northern Bay of Biscay)
D Dorel, C Koutsikopoulos, Y Desaunay, J Marchand
Netherlands Journal of Sea Research 27 (3-4), 297-306, 1991
Synergies between climate and management for Atlantic cod fisheries at high latitudes
OS Kjesbu, B Bogstad, JA Devine, H Gjøsæter, D Howell, RB Ingvaldsen, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (9), 3478-3483, 2014
The influence of life history dynamics and environment on the determination of year class strength in North Sea herring (Clupea harengus L.)
RDM Nash, M Dickey‐Collas
Fisheries Oceanography 14 (4), 279-291, 2005
An application of the annual egg production method to estimate the spawning biomass of cod (Gadus morhua L.), plaice (Pleuronectes platessa L.) and sole (Solea solea L.) in the …
MJ Armstrong, P Connolly, RDM Nash, MG Pawson, E Alesworth, ...
ICES Journal of Marine Science 58 (1), 183-203, 2001
Population dynamics of the common shrimp, Crangon crangon (L.), in Port Erin Bay, Isle of Man, Irish Sea
CW Oh, RG Hartnoll, RDM Nash
ICES journal of marine science 56 (5), 718-733, 1999
Observations on the burrows and burrowing behaviour of Calocaris macandreae (Crustacea: Decapoda: Thalassinoidea)
RDM Nash, CJ Chapman, RJA Atkinson, PJ Morgan
Journal of Zoology 202 (3), 425-439, 1984
Lumpers or splitters? Evaluating recovery and management plans for metapopulations of herring
LT Kell, M Dickey-Collas, NT Hintzen, RDM Nash, GM Pilling, BA Roel
ICES Journal of Marine Science 66 (8), 1776-1783, 2009
Seasonal changes in a sandy beach fish assemblage at Porto Pim, Faial, Azores
RS Santos, RDM Nash
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 41 (5), 579-591, 1995
The cost of metamorphosis in flatfishes
AJ Geffen, HW Van der Veer, RDM Nash
Journal of Sea Research 58 (1), 35-45, 2007
Patterns in the spawning of cod (Gadus morhua L.), sole (Solea solea L.) and plaice (Pleuronectes platessa L.) in the Irish Sea as determined by generalized additive modelling
Fisheries Oceanography 9 (1), 33-49, 2000
The influence of nursery ground processes in the determination of year-class strength in juvenile plaice Pleuronectes platessa L. in Port Erin Bay, Irish Sea
RDM Nash, AJ Geffen
Journal of Sea Research 44 (1-2), 101-110, 2000
Temperature‐dependent development rates of cod Gadus morhua eggs
AJ Geffen, CJ Fox, RDM Nash
Journal of Fish Biology 69 (4), 1060-1080, 2006
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