Christos Gkenas
Christos Gkenas
Junior researcher, MARE - Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
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Life history pattern and feeding habits of the invasive mosquitofish, Gambusia holbrooki, in Lake Pamvotis (NW Greece).
C Gkenas, A Oikonomou, A Economou, F Kiosse, I Leonardos
Journal of Biological Research 17, 121-136, 2012
Spatial distribution patterns of the non-native European catfish, Silurus glanis, from multiple online sources – a case study for the River Tagus (Iberian Peninsula)
J Gago, P Anastácio, C Gkenas, F Banha, F Ribeiro
Fisheries Management and Ecology, 2016
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Diet and feeding habits of Economidichthys pygmaeus (Perciformes: Gobiidae) in Lake Pamvotis, NW Greece
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Journal of Applied Ichthyology 28, 75-81, 2012
Genetic structure of the South European toothcarp Aphanius fasciatus (Actinopterygii: Cyprinodontidae) populations in the Mediterranean basin with a focus on the Venice lagoon
F Cavraro, S Malavasi, P Torricelli, C Gkenas, V Liousia, I Leonardos, ...
Genetic structure of the South European toothcarp Aphanius fasciatus …, 2017
Morphological differentiation among native trout populations in North-Western Greece
R Liasko, C Anastasiadou, A Ntakis, C Gkenas, ID Leonardos
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Long term patterns in the late summer trophic niche of the invasive punpkinseed sunfish Lepomis gibbosus
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The reproductive behavior of Economidichthys pygmaeus: secondary loss of sound production within the sand goby group?
C Gkenas, S Malavasi, V Georgalas, ID Leonardos, P Torricelli
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First record of Silurus glanis Linnaeus, 1758 in Portugal (Iberian Peninsula)
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Life cycle of a small endemic goby Economidichthys pygmaeus (Family: Gobiidae) in Lake Pamvotis, northwestern Greece
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Journal of Applied Ichthyology 28, 565-571, 2012
Evaluating the range expansion of recreational non-native fishes in Portuguese freshwaters using scientific and citizen science data
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Dietary niche divergence between two invasive fish in Mediterranean streams
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Shrimps of an ancient Balkan lake: Bionomy and conservation
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Uninvited dinner guests: the effect of invasive fish and temperature on the foraging efficiency of Southern Iberian Chub
A Kodde, C Gkenas, G Cheoo, F Ribeiro, F Magalhães
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Variation in Diet Patterns of the Invasive Top Predator Sander lucioperca (Linnaeus, 1758) across Portuguese Basins
D Ribeiro, C Gkenas, J Gago, F Ribeiro
Water 13 (2053), 2021
Condition and size of the non‐native pikeperch Sander lucioperca (Linnaeus, 1758) in Portuguese river basins
J Gago, A Neves, C Gkenas, D Ribeiro, F Ribeiro
Ecology and Evolution 11 (10), 5065-5074, 2021
A cytogenetical study on Economidichthys pygmaeus Holly, 1929 (Pisces, Gobiidae), an endemic freshwater goby from Western Greece
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Widespread hybridization between invasive bleak (Alburnus alburnus) and native Iberian chubs (Squalius spp.): a neglected threat
M Morgado-Santos, M Curto, CM Alexandre, MJ Alves, HF Gante, ...
bioRxiv, 2022
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