Satish Teotia
Satish Teotia
Advanced Carbon Products, CSIR-NPL & Ph.D, Deptt. of Physics, Institute of Science, BHU
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MnO 2 decorated graphene nanoribbons with superior permittivity and excellent microwave shielding properties
TK Gupta, BP Singh, VN Singh, S Teotia, AP Singh, I Elizabeth, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (12), 4256-4263, 2014
Lightweight and easily foldable MCMB-MWCNTs composite paper with exceptional electromagnetic interference shielding
A Chaudhary, S Kumari, R Kumar, S Teotia, BP Singh, AP Singh, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (16), 10600-10608, 2016
Designing of multiwalled carbon nanotubes reinforced polyurethane composites as electromagnetic interference shielding materials
TK Gupta, BP Singh, S Teotia, V Katyal, SR Dhakate, RB Mathur
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Effect of length of carbon nanotubes on electromagnetic interference shielding and mechanical properties of their reinforced epoxy composites
BP Singh, K Saini, V Choudhary, S Teotia, S Pande, P Saini, RB Mathur
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Solvent free, efficient, industrially viable, fast dispersion process based amine modified MWCNT reinforced epoxy composites of superior mechanical properties
BP Singh, V Choudhary, S Teotia, TK Gupta, VN Singh, SR Dhakate, ...
Adv Mater Lett 6 (2), 104-113, 2015
Integration of MCMBs/MWCNTs with Fe 3 O 4 in a flexible and light weight composite paper for promising EMI shielding applications
A Chaudhary, R Kumar, S Teotia, SK Dhawan, SR Dhakate, S Kumari
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (2), 322-332, 2017
Carbon nanotubes: amino functionalization and its application in the fabrication of Al-matrix composites
SK Singhal, R Pasricha, M Jangra, R Chahal, S Teotia, RB Mathur
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Fabrication and characterization of Al-matrix composites reinforced with amino-functionalized carbon nanotubes
SK Singhal, R Pasricha, S Teotia, G Kumar, RB Mathur
Composites Science and Technology 72 (1), 103-111, 2011
Multifunctional, robust, light-weight, free-standing MWCNT/phenolic composite paper as anodes for lithium ion batteries and EMI shielding material
S Teotia, BP Singh, I Elizabeth, VN Singh, R Ravikumar, AP Singh, ...
RSC Advances 4 (63), 33168-33174, 2014
Lightweight, high electrical and thermal conducting carbon-rGO composites foam for superior electromagnetic interference shielding
PR Agrawal, R Kumar, S Teotia, S Kumari, DP Mondal, SR Dhakate
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Excellent mechanical properties of long multiwalled carbon nanotube bridged Kevlar fabric
S Sharma, AK Pathak, VN Singh, S Teotia, SR Dhakate, BP Singh
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Gold‐Nanoparticle‐Decorated Boron Nitride Nanosheets: Structure and Optical Properties
SK Singhal, V Kumar, K Stalin, A Choudhary, S Teotia, GB Reddy, ...
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Structural and mechanical properties of free-standing multiwalled carbon nanotube paper prepared by an aqueous mediated process
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Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotubes over iron carbide nanoparticles coated Al powder using thermal chemical vapor deposition
SK Singhal, RK Seth, S Teotia, R Chahal, RB Mathur
Applied nanoscience 3 (1), 41-48, 2013
Multi-component framework derived SiC composite paper to support efficient thermal transport and high EMI shielding performance
A Chaudhary, S Teotia, R Kumar, V Gupta, SR Dhakate, S Kumari
Composites Part B: Engineering 176, 107123, 2019
Chalcopyrite based carbon composite electrodes for high performance symmetric supercapacitor
AC Lokhande, S Teotia, AR Shelke, T Hussain, IA Qattan, VC Lokhande, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 399, 125711, 2020
Enhanced removal of aqueous phenol with polyimide ultrafiltration membranes embedded with deep eutectic solvent-coated nanosilica
JK Ali, CM Chabib, M Abi Jaoude, E Alhseinat, S Teotia, S Patole, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 408, 128017, 2021
Facile synthesis of phenolic resin sheets consisting expanded graphite/γ-Fe2O3/SiO2 composite and its enhanced electromagnetic interference shielding properties
M Mishra, AP Singh, P Sambyal, S Teotia, SK Shawan
Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics 52, 478-485, 2014
Green chemistry based fabrication of holey graphene electrodes for high-performance supercapacitors
AC Lokhande, S Teotia, IA Qattan, D Anjum, K Liao, SP Patole
Materials Letters 271, 127793, 2020
Engineering novel synthetic strategy to develop mesocarbon microbeads for multi-functional applications
A Chaudhary, S Teotia, R Kumar, K Ramesha, SR Dhakate, S Kumari
Materials Research Express 5 (4), 045011, 2018
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