Otilia Vieira
Otilia Vieira
FCT-investigator at CEDOC, FCM, New University of Lisbon
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Understanding medical statistics
DE Matthews, VT Farewell
New York: Karger, 1990
Phagosome maturation: aging gracefully
OV Vieira, RJ Botelho, S Grinstein
Biochemical Journal 366 (3), 689-704, 2002
Distinct roles of class I and class III phosphatidylinositol 3-kinases in phagosome formation and maturation
OV Vieira, RJ Botelho, L Rameh, SM Brachmann, T Matsuo, ...
J Cell Biol 155 (1), 19-26, 2001
Phagosomes fuse with late endosomes and/or lysosomes by extension of membrane protrusions along microtubules: role of Rab7 and RILP
RE Harrison, C Bucci, OV Vieira, TA Schroer, S Grinstein
Molecular and cellular biology 23 (18), 6494-6506, 2003
Modulation of Rab5 and Rab7 recruitment to phagosomes by phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase
OV Vieira, C Bucci, RE Harrison, WS Trimble, L Lanzetti, J Gruenberg, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 23 (7), 2501-2514, 2003
Elimination of host cell PtdIns(4,5)P2 by bacterial SigD promotes membrane fission during invasion by Salmonella
MR Terebiznik, OV Vieira, SL Marcus, A Slade, CM Yip, WS Trimble, ...
Nature cell biology 4 (10), 766, 2002
Pre-and post-Golgi translocation of glucosylceramide in glycosphingolipid synthesis
D Halter, S Neumann, SM van Dijk, J Wolthoorn, AM De Maziere, ...
J Cell Biol 179 (1), 101-115, 2007
Two related phenolic antioxidants with opposite effects on vitamin E content in low density lipoproteins oxidized by ferrylmyoglobin: consumption vs regeneration
J Laranjinha, O Vieira, V Madeira, L Almeida
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 323 (2), 373-381, 1995
FAPP2, cilium formation, and compartmentalization of the apical membrane in polarized Madin–Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cells
OV Vieira, K Gaus, P Verkade, J Fullekrug, WLC Vaz, K Simons
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (49), 18556-18561, 2006
Oxidized LDLs alter the activity of the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway: potential role in oxidized LDL-induced apoptosis
OÍ Vieira, I Escargueil-blanc, G JÜRGENS, C Borner, L Almeida, ...
The FASEB Journal 14 (3), 532-542, 2000
HDL counterbalance the proinflammatory effect of oxidized LDL by inhibiting intracellular reactive oxygen species rise, proteasome activation, and subsequent NF-κB activation …
F Robbesyn, V Garcia, N Auge, O Vieira, MF Frisach, R Salvayre, ...
The FASEB Journal 17 (6), 743-745, 2003
Inhibition of metmyoglobin/H2O2-dependent low density lipoprotein lipid peroxidation by naturally occurring phenolic acids
J Laranjinhas, O Vieira, L Almeida, V Modeira
Biochemical pharmacology 51 (4), 395-402, 1996
FAPP2 is involved in the transport of apical cargo in polarized MDCK cells
OV Vieira, P Verkade, A Manninen, K Simons
The Journal of cell biology 170 (4), 521-526, 2005
Effect of dietary phenolic compounds on apoptosis of human cultured endothelial cells induced by oxidized LDL
O Vieira, I Escargueil‐Blanc, O Meilhac, JP Basile, J Laranjinha, ...
British journal of pharmacology 123 (3), 565-573, 1998
Acquisition of Hrs, an essential component of phagosomal maturation, is impaired by mycobacteria
OV Vieira, RE Harrison, CC Scott, H Stenmark, D Alexander, J Liu, ...
Molecular and Cellular Biology 24 (10), 4593-4604, 2004
Oxidized LDL and 4-hydroxynonenal modulate tyrosine kinase receptor activity
A Negre-Salvayre, O Vieira, I Escargueil-Blanc, R Salvayre
Molecular aspects of medicine 24 (4-5), 251-261, 2003
Rapid isolation of low density lipoproteins in a concentrated fraction free from water-soluble plasma antioxidants.
OV Vieira, JA Laranjinha, VM Madeira, LM Almeida
Journal of lipid research 37 (12), 2715-2721, 1996
Rab10 Regulates Phagosome Maturation and Its Overexpression Rescues Mycobacterium‐Containing Phagosomes Maturation
CMP Cardoso, L Jordao, OV Vieira
Traffic 11 (2), 221-235, 2010
Cholesteryl ester hydroperoxide formation in myoglobin-catalyzed low density lipoprotein oxidation: concerted antioxidant activity of caffeic and p-coumaric acids with ascorbate
O Vieira, J Laranjinha, V Madeira, L Almeida
Biochemical pharmacology 55 (3), 333-340, 1998
Neuropeptide Y inhibits interleukin-1β-induced phagocytosis by microglial cells
R Ferreira, T Santos, M Viegas, L Cortes, L Bernardino, OV Vieira, ...
Journal of neuroinflammation 8 (1), 169, 2011
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