João Gama Marques
João Gama Marques
Hospital Júlio de Matos; Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa; Hospital da Luz
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Symptomatic remission in schizophrenia patients: relationship with social functioning, quality of life, and neurocognitive performance
S Brissos, AL Carmo, F Palhavã, J Gama Marques, JD Franco, ...
European Neuropsychopharmacology 21, S454, 2011
The Portuguese version of the Personal and Social Performance Scale (PSP): reliability, validity, and relationship with cognitive measures in hospitalized and community …
S Brissos, F Palhava, J Gama Marques, S Mexia, AL Carmo, M Carvalho, ...
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S Jauhar, S Guloksuz, O Andlauer, G Lydall, J Gama Marques, ...
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Pharmaceutical industry interactions of psychiatric trainees from 20 European countries
F Riese, S Guloksuz, C Roventa, JD Fair, H Haravuori, T Rolko, D Flynn, ...
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Melancholia before the twentieth century: fear and sorrow or partial insanity?
D Telles-Correia, J Gama Marques
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Stigma and attitudes towards psychiatric patients in Portuguese medical students
D Telles-Correia, J Gama Marques, J Gramaça, D Sampaio
Acta Médica Portuguesa 28 (6), 715-719, 2015
Equal access for all? Access to medical information for European psychiatric trainees
J Gama Marques, MP Stefanovic, M Mitkovic-Voncina, F Riese, ...
Psychiatry Research 238, 150-152, 2016
Suicidal behavior among Portuguese psychiatry trainees: comparison with the european situation
J Gama Marques, A Roberto, C Guerra, MP da Costa, A Podlesek, ...
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Depression and Suicidality among Psychiatric Residents in 22 Countries
N Jovanović, J Beezhold, M Tateno, E Barrett, I Vlachos, A Fiorillo, ...
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Unconjugated bilirubin and acute schizophrenia: a probable correlation?
J Gama-Marques, I Tinoco, I Pedro, F Leote, R Silva, S Ouakinin
Actas Españolas de Psiquiatria 45 (2), 79-88, 2017
Taijin kyofusho: A culture‐bound diagnosis discussed by Japanese and international early career psychiatrists
Y Nakagami, T Ii, TC Russ, J Gama Marques, F Riese, E Sönmez, ...
Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 71 (2), 146-146, 2017
Huntington’s disease in a patient with 15-year history of Capgras delusion misdiagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia
J Gama Marques, MJ Carnot
General Hospital Psychiatry, 39, 97, 2016, 2015
Vulnerability to stress and psychopathology among third year medical students
J Gama Marques, D Machado, S Ouakinin, ML Figueira
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Mental health in Portugal in times of austerity
J Gama Marques, S Brissos
The Lancet Psychiatry 1 (4), 260, 2014
O papel da apoptose na esquizofrenia
F Arantes-Gonçalves, J Gama Marques, R Coelho
Psiquiatria Clínica 33 (1), 5-15, 2012
Frontotemporal dementia mimicking bipolar affective disorder, normal pressure hydrocephalus and Klüver-Bucy syndrome.
J Gama Marques, S Saraiva, S Brissos
Asian Journal of Psychiatry 18, 106, 2015
Unconjugated bilirubin and schizophrenia: a systematic review
E Pommerening Dornelles, J Gama Marques, S Ouakinin
CNS Spectrums, 1-12, 2019
A perspective on a possible relation between the psychopathology of the schizophrenia/schizoaffective spectrum and unconjugated bilirubin: a longitudinal protocol study.
J Gama Marques, F Arantes-Gonçalves
Frontiers in Psychiatry 9, 146, 2018
Jaspers’ phenomenology
D Telles-Correia, S Saraiva, J Gama Marques
Folia Medica 60 (3), 2018
Mitsuda psychosis and holodysphrenia revisited: An atypical psychosis in a patient with parieto‐occipital paroxysmal electroencephalographic activity and high unconjugated …
J Gama Marques
Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 71 (2), 148-149, 2017
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