Jean-Francois Dayen (J.-F. Dayen)
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Conductivity in organic semiconductors hybridized with the vacuum field
E. Orgiu, J. George, J. A. Hutchison, E. Devaux, J. F. Dayen, B. Doudin, F ...
Nature Materials, 2015
Light-triggered self-construction of supramolecular organic nanowires as metallic interconnects
V Faramarzi, F Niess, E Moulin, M Maaloum, JF Dayen, JB Beaufrand, ...
Nature chemistry 4 (6), 485-490, 2012
Spin transition in arrays of gold nanoparticles and spin crossover molecules
EJ Devid, PN Martinho, MV Kamalakar, I Salitros, Ú Prendergast, ...
ACS nano 9 (4), 4496-4507, 2015
Photoconduction in [Fe (Htrz) 2 (trz)](BF 4)· H 2 O nanocrystals
C Etrillard, V Faramarzi, JF Dayen, JF Letard, B Doudin
Chemical Communications 47 (34), 9663-9665, 2011
Nanoplatelets bridging a nanotrench: a new architecture for photodetectors with increased sensitivity
E Lhuillier, JF Dayen, DO Thomas, A Robin, B Doudin, B Dubertret
Nano letters 15 (3), 1736-1742, 2015
Side‐Gated Transport in Focused‐Ion‐Beam‐Fabricated Multilayered Graphene Nanoribbons
JF Dayen, A Mahmood, DS Golubev, I Roch‐Jeune, P Salles, E Dujardin
Small 4 (6), 716-720, 2008
Voltage-controlled inversion of tunnel magnetoresistance in epitaxial nickel/graphene/MgO/cobalt junctions
F Godel, M Venkata Kamalakar, B Doudin, Y Henry, D Halley, JF Dayen
Applied Physics Letters 105 (15), 152407, 2014
Enhancing the Molecular Signature in Molecule‐Nanoparticle Networks Via Inelastic Cotunneling
JF Dayen, E Devid, MV Kamalakar, D Golubev, C Guédon, V Faramarzi, ...
Advanced Materials 25 (3), 400-404, 2013
Nanotrench for nano and microparticle electrical interconnects
JF Dayen, V Faramarzi, M Pauly, NT Kemp, M Barbero, BP Pichon, ...
Nanotechnology 21 (33), 335303, 2010
Anisotropic magnetothermopower: Contribution of interband relaxation
JE Wegrowe, QA Nguyen, M Al-Barki, JF Dayen, TL Wade, HJ Drouhin
Physical Review B 73 (13), 134422, 2006
Two-dimensional van der Waals spinterfaces and magnetic-interfaces
Jean-Francois Dayen, Soumya J. Ray, Olof Karis, Ivan J. Vera-Marun, M ...
Applied Physics Review 7, 011303, 2020
Co‐tunneling Enhancement of the Electrical Response of Nanoparticle Networks
M Pauly, JF Dayen, D Golubev, JB Beaufrand, BP Pichon, B Doudin, ...
Small 8 (1), 108-115, 2012
HgSe self-doped nanocrystals as a platform to investigate the effects of vanishing confinement
B Martinez, C Livache, LD Notemgnou Mouafo, N Goubet, S Keuleyan, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (41), 36173-36180, 2017
Tuning contact transport mechanisms in bilayer MoSe2 transistors up to Fowler–Nordheim regime.
JFD L.D.N. Mouafo, F. Godel, G. Froehlicher, S. Berciaud, B. Doudin, M ...
2D Materials 4 (1), 015037, 2016
Electronic transport of silicon nanowires grown in porous membrane
JF Dayen, A Rumyantseva, C Ciornei, TL Wade, JE Wegrowe, D Pribat, ...
Applied physics letters 90 (17), 173110, 2007
Nanoporous alumina wire templates for surrounding-gate nanowire transistors
TL Wade, X Hoffer, JF Dayen, D Pribat, JE Wegrowe
Nanotechnology 18 (12), 125201, 2007
Room temperature dry processing of patterned CVD graphene devices
A Mahmood, CS Yang, JF Dayen, S Park, MV Kamalakar, D Metten, ...
Carbon 86, 256-263, 2015
Conductance in multiwall carbon nanotubes and semiconductor nanowires
JF Dayen, TL Wade, M Konczykowski, JE Wegrowe, X Hoffer
Physical Review B 72 (7), 073402, 2005
Reconfigurable 2D/0D p-n Graphene/HgTe Nanocrystal Heterostructure for Infrared Detection
UN Noumbe, C Greboval, C Livache, A Chu, H Majjad, LEP López, ...
ACS Nano 14 (4), 4567, 2020
Conductance Oscillations in a Graphene/Nanocluster Hybrid Material: Toward Large-Area Single-Electron Devices
DH Florian Godel, Louis Donald Notemgnou Mouafo, Guillaume Froehlicher ...
Advanced Materials 29 (3), 1604837, 2017
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