George Catalin CRISTEA
George Catalin CRISTEA
National Institute for Aerospace Research "Elie Carafoli"
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Tribological characterization of soybean oil additivated with nano materials based on carbon (black carbon, graphite and graphene)
GC Cristea
Galati: Dunarea de Jos University 34, 2017
Tribological behavior of soybean oil
C Georgescu, L Deleanu, GC Cristea
Soybean-biomass, yield and productivity, 2018
Evaluating lubricating capacity of vegetal oils using Abbott-Firestone curve
C Georgescu, GC Cristea, C Dima, L Deleanu
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 174 (1), 012057, 2017
Evaluating lubrication capability of soybean oil with nano carbon additive
GC Cristea, C Dima, C Georgescu, D Dima, L Deleanu, LC Solea
Tribology in Industry 40 (1), 66, 2018
Influence of TiO2 as nano additive in rapeseed oil
GC Cristea, D Cazamir, D Dima, C Georgescu, L Deleanu
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 444 (2), 022011, 2018
Flammability of some vegetal oils on hot surface
C Georgescu, GC Cristea, CL Solea, L Deleanu, IG Sandu
Revista de chimie 69 (3), 668-673, 2018
Influence of graphene as additive in soybean oil
GC Cristea, C Georgescu, D Dima, L Deleanu
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 444 (2), 022012, 2018
Influence of Additive concentration in Soybean Oil on Rheological and tribological Behavior
GC Cristea, A Radulescu, C Georgescu, I Radulescu, L Deleanu
INCAS Bulletin 10 (4), 35-43, 2018
A 2D and 3D study of the texture of wear scars for soybean oil additivated with nano graphite
GC Cristea, C Georgescu, C Suciu, L Deleanu
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1122 (1), 012003, 2018
Nano graphite as additive in soybean oil
GC Cristea, C Dima, D Dima, C Georgescu, L Deleanu
MATEC Web of Conferences 112, 04023, 2017
On the lubrication capability of rapeseed oil
C Georgescu, LC Șolea, GC Cristea, L Deleanu
Recent Advances in Mechanics and Materials in Design 5533, 2015
Characterization of Blend PA6+ EPDM (60/40) by Tensile Tests
LC Titire, AE Musteata, A CIOROMILA, GC Cristea, GG Ojoc, L Deleanu
Materiale Plastice 58 (3), 51-63, 2021
A review on differential scanning calorimetry as a tool for thermal assessment of nanostructured coatings
AE Slobozeanu, SE Bejan, IA Tudor, AM Mocioiu, AM Motoc, ...
Manufacturing Review 8, 1, 2021
Rapeseed oil additivated with hexagonal boron nitride
TF Ionescu, AA Sorcaru, D Guglea, GC Cristea, C Georgescu, L Deleant
INCAS Bulletin 12 (2), 63-72, 2020
Suitability assessment of the component materials of advanced composite system for aircraft structural application
A Stefan, G Pelin, CC Nae, CE Pelin, GC Cristea, M Botan, M Bocioaga
AIAA SCITECH 2023 Forum, 2122, 2023
3D texture parameters for wear scars after severe regime
L Deleanu, TF Ionescu, GC Cristea, CC Suciu, C Georgescu
Industrial Lubrication and Tribology 74 (3), 324-334, 2022
Development of a Pressure-Sensitive Coating Using Platinum Octaethylporphyrin
GC Cristea, S Ilina, G Pelin, A Stefan, CE Pelin
Coatings 11 (9), 1093, 2021
Correlation between the anisotropy of an AA2021-T351 aluminium rolled thick plate and the occurrence of the stick-slip phenomenon
NA Stoica, AM Stoica, A Tudor, V Manoliu, M Botan, GC Cristea
INCAS Bulletin 13 (1), 193-201, 2021
Characteristics of Stab-resistance Panels Made of Twaron Aramid Fabrics
VT Rusu, GG Ojoc, GC Cristea, LT Chiper, M Botan, C Muntenita, ...
Materiale Plastice 59 (4), 144-154, 2022
Mechanical and tribological behaviour of PA6 and short aramid fiber composites
GC Cristea, A Stefan, G Pelin, CE Pelin, M Sonmez, S Ilina, L Deleanu
INCAS Bulletin 13 (4), 47-58, 2021
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