Takuya Hirano
Takuya Hirano
Professor of Physics, Gakushuin University
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Novel optical trap of atoms with a doughnut beam
T Kuga, Y Torii, N Shiokawa, T Hirano, Y Shimizu, H Sasada
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Controlling phase separation of binary Bose-Einstein condensates via mixed-spin-channel Feshbach resonance
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TA Eriksson, T Hirano, BJ Puttnam, G Rademacher, RS Luís, M Fujiwara, ...
Communications Physics 2 (1), 9, 2019
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Security of quantum cryptography using balanced homodyne detection
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QAM quantum noise stream cipher transmission over 100 km with continuous variable quantum key distribution
M Nakazawa, M Yoshida, T Hirooka, K Kasai, T Hirano, T Ichikawa, ...
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Efficient-phase-encoding protocols for continuous-variable quantum key distribution using coherent states and postselection
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Observation of quadrature squeezing in a χ(2) nonlinear waveguide using a temporally shaped local oscillator pulse
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Observation of squeezed light at 1.535 μm using a pulsed homodyne detector
Y Eto, T Tajima, Y Zhang, T Hirano
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3 dB squeezing by single-pass parametric amplification in a periodically poled KTiOPO4 crystal
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Efficient homodyne measurement of picosecond squeezed pulses with pulse shaping technique
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Optics letters 36 (23), 4653-4655, 2011
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