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Baobab food products: a review on their composition and nutritional value
FJ Chadare, AR Linnemann, JD Hounhouigan, MJR Nout, M Van Boekel
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How blanching and drying affect the colour and functional characteristics of yam (Dioscorea cayenensis-rotundata) flour
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Reduction of the cyanide content during fermentation of cassava roots and leaves to produce bikedi and ntoba mbodi, two food products from Congo
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Physical properties and rehydration kinetics of two varieties of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) and bambara groundnuts (Voandzeia subterranea) seeds
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The microbiology of alkaline-fermentation of indigenous seeds used as food condiments in Africa and Asia
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Afebrile Plasmodium falciparum parasitemia decreases absorption of fortification iron but does not affect systemic iron utilization: a double stable-isotope study in …
CI Cercamondi, IM Egli, E Ahouandjinou, R Dossa, C Zeder, L Salami, ...
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Lactic acid bacteria and yeasts associated with gowé production from sorghum in Bénin
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Impact of brewing process operations on phytate, phenolic compounds and in vitro solubility of iron and zinc in opaque sorghum beer
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Total iron absorption by young women from iron-biofortified pearl millet composite meals is double that from regular millet meals but less than that from post-harvest iron …
CI Cercamondi, IM Egli, E Mitchikpe, F Tossou, C Zeder, JD Hounhouigan, ...
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Physical, chemical and sensory evaluation of dried yam (Dioscorea rotundata) tubers, flour and amala, a flour-drived product
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Quality of farmers’ varieties of sorghum and derived foods as perceived by consumers in Benin
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Quality characteristics of Lanhouin: A traditional processed fermented fish product in the Republic of Benin
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Prevalence of foodborne pathogens in food from selected African countries–A meta-analysis
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Physical, chemical and microbiological changes during natural fermentation of" gowé", a sprouted or non sprouted sorghum beverage form West-Africa
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Characterization of the Beninese traditional ogi, a fermented maize slurry: physicochemical and microbiological aspects
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Determination of yeast diversity in ogi, mawè, gowé and tchoukoutou by using culture-dependent and-independent methods
A Greppi, K Rantsiou, W Padonou, J Hounhouigan, L Jespersen, ...
International journal of food microbiology 165 (2), 84-88, 2013
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