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Architectural protein subclasses shape 3D organization of genomes during lineage commitment
JE Phillips-Cremins, MEG Sauria, A Sanyal, TI Gerasimova, BR Lajoie, ...
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Mapping the consequence of Notch1 proteolysis in vivo with NIP-CRE
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Molecular analysis of genetic differences between virulent and avirulent strains of Aeromonas hydrophila isolated from diseased fishThe GenBank accession numbers for the …
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Enhancers: emerging roles in cell fate specification
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Notch and presenilin regulate cellular expansion and cytokine secretion but cannot instruct Th1/Th2 fate acquisition
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Poly (ADP-ribosyl) ation regulates insulator function and intrachromosomal interactions in Drosophila
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Membrane targeting and asymmetric localization of Drosophila partner of inscuteable are discrete steps controlled by distinct regions of the protein
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Insulators as mediators of intra-and inter-chromosomal interactions: a common evolutionary theme
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Modulation of CTCF insulator function by transcription of a noncoding RNA
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Increased intron retention is linked to Alzheimer’s disease
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Phosphorylation of Tet3 by cdk5 is critical for robust activation of BRN2 during neuronal differentiation
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Poly (ADP-ribosyl) ation of OVOL2 regulates aneuploidy and cell death in cancer cells
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