Ana M. C. Santos
Ana M. C. Santos
Research Fellow, Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes (cE3c) Faculdade de
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Extinction debt on oceanic islands
KA Triantis, PAV Borges, RJ Ladle, J Hortal, P Cardoso, C Gaspar, F Dinis, ...
Ecography 33 (2), 285-294, 2010
Are species–area relationships from entire archipelagos congruent with those of their constituent islands?
AMC Santos, RJ Whittaker, KA Triantis, PAV Borges, OR Jones, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 19 (4), 527-540, 2010
Large‐scale diversity patterns of parasitoid insects
Entomological Science 14 (4), 371-382, 2011
A roadmap for island biology: 50 fundamental questions after 50 years of The Theory of Island Biogeography
J Patiño, RJ Whittaker, PAV Borges, JM Fernández‐Palacios, C Ah‐Peng, ...
Journal of Biogeography 44 (5), 963-983, 2017
List of arthropods (Arthropoda)
E Borges, P.A.V., Vieira, V., Amorim, I.R., Bicudo, N., Fritzén, N., Gaspar ...
A list of the terrestrial and marine biota from the Azores, 179-246, 2010
List of arthropods (Arthropoda)
A list of the terrestrial fauna (Mollusca and Arthropoda) and flora …, 2005
How do different dispersal modes shape the species–area relationship? Evidence for between‐group coherence in the M acaronesian flora
SC Aranda, R Gabriel, PAV Borges, AMC Santos, J Hortal, A Baselga, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 22 (4), 483-493, 2013
New directions in island biogeography
AMC Santos, R Field, RE Ricklefs
Global Ecology and Biogeography 25 (7), 751-768, 2016
Research trends in ecosystem services provided by insects
JA Noriega, J Hortal, FM Azcárate, MP Berg, N Bonada, MJI Briones, ...
Basic and Applied Ecology 26, 8-23, 2018
Integrating biogeographical processes and local community assembly
J Hortal, P De Marco Jr, AMC Santos, JAF Diniz‐Filho
Journal of Biogeography 39 (4), 627-628, 2012
Applying DNA barcoding for the study of geographical variation in host–parasitoid interactions
ANAMC SANTOS, G Besnard, DLJ Quicke
Molecular Ecology Resources 11 (1), 46-59, 2011
Resolving the Azorean knot: a response to Carine & Schaefer (2010)
KA Triantis, J Hortal, I Amorim, P Cardoso, AMC Santos, R Gabriel, ...
Journal of Biogeography 39 (6), 1179-1184, 2012
Perspectives on the use of lakes and ponds as model systems for macroecological research
J Hortal, JC Nabout, J Calatayud, FM Carneiro, A Padial, A Santos, ...
Journal of limnology, 46-60, 2014
Assessing the reliability of biodiversity databases: identifying evenly inventoried island parasitoid faunas (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonoidea) worldwide
ANAMC SANTOS, OR Jones, DLJ Quicke, J Hortal
Insect Conservation and Diversity 3 (2), 72-82, 2010
Geographical, temporal and environmental determinants of bryophyte species richness in the Macaronesian Islands
SC Aranda, R Gabriel, PAV Borges, AMC Santos, EB de Azevedo, ...
PloS one 9 (7), e101786, 2014
Estudio, gestión, conservación y restauración de ecosistemas ante el cambio global: 1º Jornadas FORECO en la Universidad de Alcalá
S Varela, E Andivia, R Bravo, A Briega, J Calatayud, VC López-Ocaña, ...
Ecosistemas 25 (1), 113, 2016
Global Island Monitoring Scheme (GIMS): a proposal for the long-term coordinated survey and monitoring of native island forest biota
PAV Borges, P Cardoso, H Kreft, RJ Whittaker, S Fattorini, BC Emerson, ...
Biodiversity and conservation 27 (10), 2567-2586, 2018
Species pool structure determines the level of generalism of island parasitoid faunas
AMC Santos, DLJ Quicke, PAV Borges, J Hortal
Journal of Biogeography 38 (9), 1657-1667, 2011
Are island and mainland biotas different? Richness and level of generalism in parasitoids of a microlepidopteran in Macaronesia
AMC Santos, C Fontaine, DLJ Quicke, PAV Borges, J Hortal
Oikos 120 (8), 1256-1262, 2011
Geographic and temporal trends in Amazonian knowledge production
ACM Malhado, RSD de Azevedo, PA Todd, AMC Santos, NN Fabré, ...
Biotropica 46 (1), 6-13, 2014
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