Clara S. B. Gomes
Clara S. B. Gomes
LAQV-REQUIMTE, FCT-NOVA, NOVA University Lisbon, Campus de
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Synthesis, structure, and photophysical characterization of blue-green luminescent zinc complexes containing 2-iminophenanthropyrrolyl ligands
CSB Gomes, PT Gomes, MT Duarte, RE Di Paolo, AL Maçanita, ...
Inorganic chemistry 48 (23), 11176-11186, 2009
Syntheses and photophysical properties of new iminopyrrolyl boron complexes and their application in efficient single-layer non-doped OLEDs prepared by spin coating
D Suresh, CSB Gomes, PT Gomes, RE Di Paolo, AL Maçanita, ...
Dalton Transactions 41 (28), 8502-8505, 2012
Luminescent Di‐and Trinuclear Boron Complexes Based on Aromatic Iminopyrrolyl Spacer Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization, and Application in OLEDs
D Suresh, CSB Gomes, PS Lopes, CA Figueira, B Ferreira, PT Gomes, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 21 (25), 9133-9149, 2015
New tetradentate N, N, N, N-chelating α-diimine ligands and their corresponding zinc and nickel complexes: synthesis, characterisation and testing as olefin polymerisation …
L Li, CSB Gomes, PT Gomes, MT Duarte, Z Fan
Dalton Transactions 40 (13), 3365-3380, 2011
α-Diimine transition-metal complexes: Mechanochemistry− A new synthetic approach
CSB Gomes, PT Gomes, MT Duarte
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 760, 101-107, 2014
Sodium complexes containing 2-iminopyrrolyl ligands: the influence of steric hindrance in the formation of coordination polymers
CSB Gomes, D Suresh, PT Gomes, LF Veiros, MT Duarte, TG Nunes, ...
Dalton Transactions 39 (3), 736-748, 2010
Synthesis, structure, solution behavior, reactivity and biological evaluation of oxidovanadium (iv/v) thiosemicarbazone complexes
P Adão, S Majumder, SP Dash, S Roy, ML Kuznetsov, JC Pessoa, ...
Dalton Transactions 47 (33), 11358-11374, 2018
Tunable Fluorophores Based on 2‐(N‐Arylimino)pyrrolyl Chelates of Diphenylboron: Synthesis, Structure, Photophysical Characterization, and Application in OLEDs
D Suresh, PS Lopes, B Ferreira, CA Figueira, CSB Gomes, PT Gomes, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 20 (14), 4126-4140, 2014
Boron complexes of aromatic ring fused iminopyrrolyl ligands: synthesis, structure, and luminescence properties
D Suresh, B Ferreira, PS Lopes, CSB Gomes, P Krishnamoorthy, ...
Dalton Transactions 45 (39), 15603-15620, 2016
Antimicrobial and antitumor activity of S-methyl dithiocarbazate Schiff base zinc (II) complexes
F Ramilo-Gomes, Y Addis, I Tekamo, I Cavaco, DL Campos, FR Pavan, ...
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 216, 111331, 2021
Reactions of nitrosoalkenes with dipyrromethanes and pyrroles: insight into the mechanistic pathway
SCC Nunes, SMM Lopes, CSB Gomes, A Lemos, AACC Pais, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 79 (21), 10456-10465, 2014
2H-Azirines as dipolarophiles
TMVDP e Melo, AL Cardoso, CSB Gomes, AMAR Gonsalves
Tetrahedron letters 44 (33), 6313-6315, 2003
Neutral mono (5-aryl-2-iminopyrrolyl) nickel (II) complexes as precatalysts for the synthesis of highly branched ethylene oligomers: preparation, molecular characterization …
CA Figueira, PS Lopes, CSB Gomes, JCS Gomes, LF Veiros, F Lemos, ...
Organometallics 38 (3), 614-625, 2018
Cationic and Neutral (Ar‐BIAN) Copper (I) Complexes Containing Phosphane and Arsane Ancillary Ligands: Synthesis, Molecular Structure and Catalytic Behaviour in Cycloaddition …
L Li, PS Lopes, CA Figueira, CSB Gomes, MT Duarte, V Rosa, C Fliedel, ...
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2013 (9), 1404-1417, 2013
Copper (II) complexes of bis (aryl-imino) acenaphthene ligands: synthesis, structure, DFT studies and evaluation in reverse ATRP of styrene
C Fliedel, V Rosa, CIM Santos, PJ Gonzalez, RM Almeida, CSB Gomes, ...
Dalton Transactions 43 (34), 13041-13054, 2014
Thiazolo[3,4-b]indazole-2,2-dioxides as Masked Extended Dipoles: Pericyclic Reactions of Benzodiazafulvenium Methides
MIL Soares, CM Nunes, CSB Gomes, TMVD Pinho e Melo
The Journal of organic chemistry 78 (2), 628-637, 2013
Octahedral Co (III) complexes of 2-(phenylimino) pyrrolyl ligands: Synthesis and structural characterisation
CSB Gomes, SA Carabineiro, PT Gomes, MT Duarte, MANDA Lemos
Inorganica Chimica Acta 367 (1), 151-157, 2011
Synthesis of chiral spiropyrazoline-β-lactams and spirocyclopropyl-β-lactams from 6-alkylidenepenicillanates
BS Santos, CSB Gomes, TMVDP e Melo
Tetrahedron 70 (24), 3812-3821, 2014
New phenyl–nickel complexes of bulky 2-iminopyrrolyl chelates: synthesis, characterisation and application as aluminium-free catalysts for the production of hyperbranched …
CA Figueira, PS Lopes, CSB Gomes, JCS Gomes, F Lemos, PT Gomes
Dalton Transactions 47 (44), 15857-15872, 2018
Boron complexes of aromatic 5-substituted iminopyrrolyl ligands: synthesis, structure, and luminescence properties
AI Rodrigues, CA Figueira, CSB Gomes, D Suresh, B Ferreira, ...
Dalton Transactions 48 (35), 13337-13352, 2019
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