Ali Adawi
Ali Adawi
Reader in Physics University of Hull,
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Interplay of order and disorder in the optical properties of opal photonic crystals
VN Astratov, AM Adawi, S Fricker, MS Skolnick, DM Whittaker, PN Pusey
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DM Coles, P Michetti, C Clark, WC Tsoi, AM Adawi, JS Kim, DG Lidzey
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T Virgili, D Coles, AM Adawi, C Clark, P Michetti, SK Rajendran, D Brida, ...
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Improving the light extraction efficiency of polymeric light emitting diodes using two-dimensional photonic crystals
AM Adawi, R Kullock, JL Turner, C Vasilev, DG Lidzey, A Tahraoui, ...
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WC Tsoi, A Charas, AJ Cadby, G Khalil, AM Adawi, A Iraqi, B Hunt, ...
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EV Svezhentseva, YA Vorotnikov, AO Solovieva, TN Pozmogova, ...
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Crossover between liquidlike and gaslike behavior in at 400 K
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Metaparticles: Dressing Nano‐Objects with a Hyperbolic Coating
P Wang, AV Krasavin, FN Viscomi, AM Adawi, JSG Bouillard, L Zhang, ...
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AJ Parnell, A Pryke, OO Mykhaylyk, JR Howse, AM Adawi, NJ Terrill, ...
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Long-term ambient air-stable cubic CsPbBr 3 perovskite quantum dots using molecular bromine
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Efficient out-coupling and beaming of Tamm optical states via surface plasmon polariton excitation
M Lopez-Garcia, YLD Ho, MPC Taverne, LF Chen, MM Murshidy, ...
Applied Physics Letters 104 (23), 2014
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