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Daniele Battegazzore
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Crystallization kinetics of poly (lactic acid)-talc composites
D Battegazzore, S Bocchini, A Frache
Express Polym. Lett 5 (10), 849-858, 2011
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Is it possible to mechanical recycle the materials of the disposable filtering masks?
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Thermo-mechanical properties enhancement of bio-polyamides (PA10. 10 and PA6. 10) by using rice husk ash and nanoclay
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Layer-by-Layer nanostructured interphase produces mechanically strong and flame retardant bio-composites
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3D printing of PDMS-like polymer nanocomposites with enhanced thermal conductivity: Boron nitride based photocuring system
L Pezzana, G Riccucci, S Spriano, D Battegazzore, M Sangermano, ...
Nanomaterials 11 (2), 373, 2021
Hemp hurd and alfalfa as particle filler to improve the thermo‐mechanical and fire retardant properties of poly (3‐hydroxybutyrate‐co‐3‐hydroxyhexanoate)
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Layer by Layer-functionalized rice husk particles: A novel and sustainable solution for particleboard production
D Battegazzore, J Alongi, A Frache, L Wågberg, F Carosio
Materials Today Communications 13, 92-101, 2017
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