Anton Zasedatelev
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A room-temperature organic polariton transistor
AV Zasedatelev, AV Baranikov, D Urbonas, F Scafirimuto, U Scherf, ...
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A Few-Minute Synthesis of CsPbBr3 Nanolasers with a High Quality Factor by Spraying at Ambient Conditions
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Nano-second exciton-polariton lasing in organic microcavities
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Giant increase of temporal coherence in optically trapped polariton condensate
A Askitopoulos, L Pickup, S Alyatkin, A Zasedatelev, KG Lagoudakis, ...
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Optical switching with organics
Z Sun, DW Snoke
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All-optical cascadable universal logic gate with sub-picosecond operation
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A Zasedatelev, T Dubinina, V Krasovskii, O Suprunova, L Tomilova, ...
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Plasmon-Exciton Interaction in AuNP-Phtalocyanine Core/Shell Nanostructures
A Zasedatelev, A Karpo, I Feofanov, V Krasovskii, V Pushkarev
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 541 (1), 012064, 2014
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