Mauro Manno
Mauro Manno
National Research Council of Italy, Institute of Biophysics
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CD90+ liver cancer cells modulate endothelial cell phenotype through the release of exosomes containing H19 lncRNA
A Conigliaro, V Costa, AL Dico, L Saieva, S Buccheri, F Dieli, M Manno, ...
Molecular cancer 14 (1), 1-11, 2015
Kinetics of different processes in human insulin amyloid formation
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Branching in amyloid fibril growth
CB Andersen, H Yagi, M Manno, V Martorana, T Ban, G Christiansen, ...
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Protofibril formation of amyloid β-protein at low pH via a non-cooperative elongation mechanism
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Interleukin 3-receptor targeted exosomes inhibit in vitro and in vivo Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia cell growth
D Bellavia, S Raimondo, G Calabrese, S Forte, M Cristaldi, A Patinella, ...
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Involvement of multiple myeloma cell-derived exosomes in osteoclast differentiation
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Citrus limon-derived nanovesicles inhibit cancer cell proliferation and suppress CML xenograft growth by inducing TRAIL-mediated cell death
S Raimondo, F Naselli, S Fontana, F Monteleone, AL Dico, L Saieva, ...
Oncotarget 6 (23), 19514, 2015
Curcumin inhibits in vitro and in vivo chronic myelogenous leukemia cells growth: a possible role for exosomal disposal of miR-21
S Taverna, M Giallombardo, M Pucci, A Flugy, M Manno, S Raccosta, ...
Oncotarget 6 (26), 21918, 2015
Aggregation of a multidomain protein: a coagulation mechanism governs aggregation of a model IgG1 antibody under weak thermal stress
CB Andersen, M Manno, C Rischel, M Thórólfsson, V Martorana
Protein Science 19 (2), 279-290, 2010
Interaction of processes on different length scales in a bioelastomer capable of performing energy conversion
M Manno, A Emanuele, V Martorana, PL San Biagio, D Bulone, ...
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Protein–protein interactions in dilute to concentrated solutions: α-Chymotrypsinogen in acidic conditions
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Interacting processes in protein coagulation
PL San Biagio, V Martorana, A Emanuele, SM Vaiana, M Manno, ...
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Toxicity of recombinant β‐amyloid prefibrillar oligomers on morphogenesis of Sea Urchin Paracentrotus lividus
R Carrotta, M Di Carlo, M Manno, G Montana, P Picone, D Romancino, ...
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Early events in insulin fibrillization studied by time-lapse atomic force microscopy
A Podestà, G Tiana, P Milani, M Manno
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Wildtype and A30P mutant alpha-synuclein form different fibril structures
SB Nielsen, F Macchi, S Raccosta, AE Langkilde, L Giehm, A Kyrsting, ...
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Multiple interactions between molecular and supramolecular ordering
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Protein stability modulated by a conformational effector: effects of trifluoroethanol on bovine serum albumin
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Multiple myeloma-derived exosomes are enriched of amphiregulin (AREG) and activate the epidermal growth factor pathway in the bone microenvironment leading to osteoclastogenesis
S Raimondo, L Saieva, E Vicario, M Pucci, D Toscani, M Manno, ...
Journal of hematology & oncology 12 (1), 1-15, 2019
Thermodynamic instability in supersaturated lysozyme solutions: effect of salt and role of concentration fluctuations
M Manno, C Xiao, D Bulone, V Martorana, PL San Biagio
Physical Review E 68 (1), 011904, 2003
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