Viktor Vafeiadis
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A marriage of rely/guarantee and separation logic
V Vafeiadis, M Parkinson
CONCUR 2007–Concurrency Theory, 256-271, 2007
Concurrent abstract predicates
T Dinsdale-Young, M Dodds, P Gardner, MJ Parkinson, V Vafeiadis
European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, 504-528, 2010
Modular fine-grained concurrency verification
V Vafeiadis
University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory, 2008
Deny-guarantee reasoning
M Dodds, X Feng, M Parkinson, V Vafeiadis
ESOP 2009, 363-377, 2009
Proving correctness of highly-concurrent linearisable objects
V Vafeiadis, M Herlihy, T Hoare, M Shapiro
PPoPP 2006, 129-136, 2006
Automatically proving linearizability
V Vafeiadis
CAV 2010, 450-464, 2010
CompCertTSO: A verified compiler for relaxed-memory concurrency
J Ševčík, V Vafeiadis, F Zappa Nardelli, S Jagannathan, P Sewell
Journal of the ACM (JACM) 60 (3), 22, 2013
Relaxed separation logic: A program logic for C11 concurrency
V Vafeiadis, C Narayan
OOPSLA 2013 48 (10), 867-884, 2013
GPS: Navigating weak memory with ghosts, protocols, and separation
A Turon, V Vafeiadis, D Dreyer
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 49 (10), 691-707, 2014
Relaxed-memory concurrency and verified compilation
J Ŝevčik, V Vafeiadis, F Zappa Nardelli, S Jagannathan, P Sewell
POPL 2011, 43-54, 2011
Proving that non-blocking algorithms don't block
A Gotsman, B Cook, M Parkinson, V Vafeiadis
POPL 2009, 16-28, 2009
Modular safety checking for fine-grained concurrency
C Calcagno, M Parkinson, V Vafeiadis
SAS 2007, 233-248, 2007
Shape-value abstraction for verifying linearizability
V Vafeiadis
VMCAI 2009, 335-348, 2009
Acute: high-level programming language design for distributed computation
P Sewell, JJ Leifer, K Wansbrough, F Zappa Nardelli, M Allen-Williams, ...
ICFP 2005, 15-26, 2005
Structuring the verification of heap-manipulating programs
A Nanevski, V Vafeiadis, J Berdine
POPL 2010, 261-274, 2010
Common compiler optimisations are invalid in the C11 memory model and what we can do about it
V Vafeiadis, T Balabonski, S Chakraborty, R Morisset, F Zappa Nardelli
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 50 (1), 209-220, 2015
Automating the choice of consistency levels in replicated systems
C Li, J Leitão, A Clement, N Preguiça, R Rodrigues, V Vafeiadis
2014 {USENIX} Annual Technical Conference ({USENIX}{ATC} 14), 281-292, 2014
The power of parameterization in coinductive proof
CK Hur, G Neis, D Dreyer, V Vafeiadis
POPL 2013, 2012
A promising semantics for relaxed-memory concurrency
J Kang, CK Hur, O Lahav, V Vafeiadis, D Dreyer
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 52 (1), 175-189, 2017
Mtac: a monad for typed tactic programming in Coq
B Ziliani, D Dreyer, NR Krishnaswami, A Nanevski, V Vafeiadis
Journal of Functional Programming 25, 2015
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