Oona Margareta Lonnstedt
Oona Margareta Lonnstedt
Postdoctoral Fellow, Uppsala University & Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
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Environmentally relevant concentrations of microplastic particles influence larval fish ecology
OM Lönnstedt, P Eklöv
Science 352 (6290), 1213-1216, 2016
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MCO Ferrari, MI McCormick, PL Munday, MG Meekan, DL Dixson, ...
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Growth history and intrinsic factors influence risk assessment at a critical life transition for a fish
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Well-informed foraging: damage-released chemical cues of injured prey signal quality and size to predators
OM Lonnstedt, MI McCormick, DP Chivers
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What is the impact on fish recruitment of anthropogenic physical and structural habitat change in shallow nearshore areas in temperate systems? A systematic review protocol
B Macura, OM Lönnstedt, P Byström, L Airoldi, BK Eriksson, L Rudstam, ...
Environmental Evidence 5 (1), 1-8, 2016
Habitat bleaching disrupts threat responses and persistence in anemonefish
OM Lönnstedt, AJ Frisch
Marine Ecology Progress Series 517, 265-270, 2014
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