Karl Farrow
Karl Farrow
Neuroeletronics Research Flanders. VIB | IMEC | KU Leuven. Leuven, Belgium
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Secreted amyloid-β precursor protein functions as a GABABR1a ligand to modulate synaptic transmission
HC Rice, D De Malmazet, A Schreurs, S Frere, I Van Molle, AN Volkov, ...
Science 363 (6423), 2019
Ambient illumination toggles a neuronal circuit switch in the retina and visual perception at cone threshold
K Farrow, M Teixeira, T Szikra, TJ Viney, K Balint, K Yonehara, B Roska
Neuron 78 (2), 325-338, 2013
The first stage of cardinal direction selectivity is localized to the dendrites of retinal ganglion cells
K Yonehara, K Farrow, A Ghanem, D Hillier, K Balint, M Teixeira, J Jüttner, ...
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miRNAs 182 and 183 are necessary to maintain adult cone photoreceptor outer segments and visual function
V Busskamp, J Krol, D Nelidova, J Daum, T Szikra, B Tsuda, J Jüttner, ...
Neuron 83 (3), 586-600, 2014
Physiological clustering of visual channels in the mouse retina
K Farrow, RH Masland
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Nonlinear, binocular interactions underlying flow field selectivity of a motion-sensitive neuron
K Farrow, J Haag, A Borst
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Sharing receptive fields with your neighbors: tuning the vertical system cells to wide field motion
K Farrow, A Borst, J Haag
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Recording from defined populations of retinal ganglion cells using a high-density CMOS-integrated microelectrode array with real-time switchable electrode selection
M Fiscella, K Farrow, IL Jones, D Jäckel, J Müller, U Frey, DJ Bakkum, ...
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Rods in daylight act as relay cells for cone-driven horizontal cell–mediated surround inhibition
T Szikra, S Trenholm, A Drinnenberg, J Jüttner, Z Raics, K Farrow, M Biel, ...
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Input organization of multifunctional motion-sensitive neurons in the blowfly
K Farrow, J Haag, A Borst
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Visual coding with a population of direction-selective neurons
M Fiscella, F Franke, K Farrow, J Müller, B Roska, R Azeredo da Silveira, ...
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A projection specific logic to sampling visual inputs in mouse superior colliculus
K Reinhard, C Li, Q Do, E Burke, S Heynderickx, K Farrow
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Locomotion modulates specific functional cell types in the mouse visual thalamus
Ç Aydın, J Couto, M Giugliano, K Farrow, V Bonin
Nature Communications 9 (1), 1-12, 2018
A platform for brain-wide volumetric functional ultrasound imaging and analysis of circuit dynamics in Awake Mice
C Brunner, M Grillet, A Sans-Dublanc, K Farrow, T Lambert, E Macé, ...
Neuron 108 (5), 861-875. e7, 2020
Neuroelectronics Research Flanders
K Farrow
Belgium, 0
Commissural inputs to secondary vestibular neurons in alert cats after canal plugs
K Farrow, DM Broussard
Journal of Neurophysiology 89 (6), 3351-3353, 2003
Retinotopic Separation of Nasal and Temporal Motion Selectivity in the Mouse Superior Colliculus
D de Malmazet, NK Kühn, K Farrow
Current Biology 28 (18), 2961-2969, 2018
A method for electrophysiological characterization of hamster retinal ganglion cells using a high-density CMOS microelectrode array
IL Jones, TL Russell, K Farrow, M Fiscella, F Franke, J Müller, D Jäckel, ...
Frontiers in Neuroscience 9, 360, 2015
Adaptive rescaling of central sensorimotor signals is preserved after unilateral vestibular damage
R Heskin-Sweezie, K Farrow, DM Broussard
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Optogenetic fUSI for brain-wide mapping of neural activity mediating collicular-dependent behaviors
A Sans-Dublanc, A Chrzanowska, K Reinhard, D Lemmon, B Nuttin, ...
Neuron, 2021
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