Maria Paola Paronetto
Maria Paola Paronetto
Associate Professor of Biology and Genetics, University of Rome Foro Italico
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The RNA-binding protein Sam68 modulates the alternative splicing of Bcl-x
MP Paronetto, T Achsel, A Massiello, CE Chalfant, C Sette
The Journal of cell biology 176 (7), 929-939, 2007
DNA damage regulates alternative splicing through inhibition of RNA polymerase II elongation
MJ Muñoz, MSP Santangelo, MP Paronetto, M de la Mata, F Pelisch, ...
Cell 137 (4), 708-720, 2009
Wee1B is an oocyte-specific kinase involved in the control of meiotic arrest in the mouse
SJ Han, R Chen, MP Paronetto, M Conti
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The RNA-binding protein Sam68 contributes to proliferation and survival of human prostate cancer cells
R Busa, MP Paronetto, D Farini, E Pierantozzi, F Botti, DF Angelini, ...
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The Ewing sarcoma protein regulates DNA damage-induced alternative splicing
MP Paronetto, B Miñana, J Valcárcel
Molecular cell 43 (3), 353-368, 2011
Phosphorylation of eIF4E by MNKs supports protein synthesis, cell cycle progression and proliferation in prostate cancer cells
A Bianchini, M Loiarro, P Bielli, R Busa, MP Paronetto, F Loreni, ...
Carcinogenesis 29 (12), 2279-2288, 2008
Alternative splicing of the cyclin D1 proto-oncogene is regulated by the RNA-binding protein Sam68
MP Paronetto, M Cappellari, R Busà, S Pedrotti, R Vitali, C Comstock, ...
Cancer research 70 (1), 229-239, 2010
Opposing effects of retinoic acid and FGF9 on Nanos2 expression and meiotic entry of mouse germ cells
F Barrios, D Filipponi, M Pellegrini, MP Paronetto, S Di Siena, R Geremia, ...
Journal of cell science 123 (6), 871-880, 2010
Tr‐kit‐induced resumption of the cell cycle in mouse eggs requires activation of a Src‐like kinase
C Sette, MP Paronetto, M Barchi, A Bevilacqua, R Geremia, P Rossi
The EMBO Journal 21 (20), 5386-5395, 2002
The splicing regulator Sam68 binds to a novel exonic splicing silencer and functions in SMN2 alternative splicing in spinal muscular atrophy
S Pedrotti, P Bielli, MP Paronetto, F Ciccosanti, GM Fimia, S Stamm, ...
The EMBO journal 29 (7), 1235-1247, 2010
The RNA-binding protein Sam68 is a multifunctional player in human cancer
P Bielli, R Busa, MP Paronetto, C Sette
Endocrine-related cancer 18 (4), R91-R102, 2011
Sam68 regulates translation of target mRNAs in male germ cells, necessary for mouse spermatogenesis
MP Paronetto, V Messina, E Bianchi, M Barchi, G Vogel, C Moretti, ...
Journal of Cell Biology 185 (2), 235-249, 2009
Expression of a truncated form of the c-Kit tyrosine kinase receptor and activation of Src kinase in human prostatic cancer
MP Paronetto, D Farini, I Sammarco, G Maturo, G Vespasiani, R Geremia, ...
The American journal of pathology 164 (4), 1243-1251, 2004
The nuclear RNA-binding protein Sam68 translocates to the cytoplasm and associates with the polysomes in mouse spermatocytes
MP Paronetto, F Zalfa, F Botti, R Geremia, C Bagni, C Sette
Molecular biology of the cell 17 (1), 14-24, 2006
The transcriptional co-activator SND1 is a novel regulator of alternative splicing in prostate cancer cells
M Cappellari, P Bielli, MP Paronetto, F Ciccosanti, GM Fimia, J Saarikettu, ...
Oncogene 33 (29), 3794-3802, 2014
Increased expression and nuclear localization of the centrosomal kinase Nek2 in human testicular seminomas
F Barbagallo, MP Paronetto, R Franco, P Chieffi, S Dolci, AM Fry, ...
The Journal of Pathology: A Journal of the Pathological Society of Great …, 2009
PATZ1 gene has a critical role in the spermatogenesis and testicular tumours
M Fedele, R Franco, G Salvatore, MP Paronetto, F Barbagallo, R Pero, ...
The Journal of Pathology: A Journal of the Pathological Society of Great …, 2008
Potential role of Nanos3 in maintaining the undifferentiated spermatogonia population
F Lolicato, R Marino, MP Paronetto, M Pellegrini, S Dolci, R Geremia, ...
Developmental biology 313 (2), 725-738, 2008
Role of RNA‐binding proteins in mammalian spermatogenesis
MP Paronetto, C Sette
International journal of andrology 33 (1), 2-12, 2010
SIAH1 targets the alternative splicing factor T-STAR for degradation by the proteasome
JP Venables, C Dalgliesh, MP Paronetto, L Skitt, JK Thornton, ...
Human molecular genetics 13 (14), 1525-1534, 2004
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