Ana Paula Ribeiro
Ana Paula Ribeiro
Research Fellow at CQE-IST
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Thermal properties of ionic liquids and ionanofluids of imidazolium and pyrrolidinium liquids
CA Nieto de Castro, MJV Lourenço, APC Ribeiro, E Langa, SIC Vieira, ...
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New Trends in the Conversion of CO2 to Cyclic Carbonates
EJC Lopes, APC Ribeiro, LM Martins
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K Oster, P Goodrich, J Jacquemin, C Hardacre, APC Ribeiro, A Elsinawi
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APC Ribeiro, LM Martins, S Hazra, AJL Pombeiro
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Thermal conductivity of [C n mim][(CF3SO2) 2N] and [C4mim][BF4] ionanofluids with carbon nanotubes—measurement, theory and structural characterization
APC Ribeiro, SIC Vieira, P Goodrich, C Hardacre, MJV Lourenço, ...
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When customers do not pay: A Winning Negotiation Case in Brazil
MO Dias, AP Ribeiro, R Albergarias
Journal of Economics and Business 2 (2), 2019
Evaluation of cell toxicity and DNA and protein binding of green synthesized silver nanoparticles
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Understanding the heat capacity enhancement in ionic liquid-based nanofluids (ionanofluids)
K Oster, C Hardacre, J Jacquemin, APC Ribeiro, A Elsinawi
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Further development of the predictive models for physical properties of pure ionic liquids: Thermal conductivity and heat capacity
K Oster, J Jacquemin, C Hardacre, APC Ribeiro, A Elsinawi
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An efficient Cu (II)-bis (oxazoline)-based polymer immobilised ionic liquid phase catalyst for asymmetric carbon–carbon bond formation
S Doherty, JG Knight, JR Ellison, P Goodrich, L Hall, C Hardacre, ...
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Thermophysical and magnetic studies of two paramagnetic liquid salts:[C4mim][FeCl4] and [P6 6 6 14][FeCl4]
MM Cruz, RP Borges, M Godinho, CS Marques, E Langa, APC Ribeiro, ...
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Thermal properties of ionic liquids and ionanofluids
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A Cu (II) MOF with a flexible bifunctionalised terpyridine as an efficient catalyst for the single-pot hydrocarboxylation of cyclohexane to carboxylic acid in water/ionic …
A Paul, APC Ribeiro, A Karmakar, MFCG da Silva, AJL Pombeiro
Dalton Transactions 45 (32), 12779-12789, 2016
Ionic liquid-based nanofluids (ionanofluids) for thermal applications: an experimental thermophysical characterization
K Oster, C Hardacre, J Jacquemin, APC Ribeiro, A Elsinawi
Pure and Applied Chemistry 91 (8), 1309-1340, 2019
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