Peter Ellis
Peter Ellis
Senior Lecturer, University of Kent
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Pachytene asynapsis drives meiotic sex chromosome inactivation and leads to substantial postmeiotic repression in spermatids
J Turner, SK Mahadevaiah, PJI Ellis, MJ Mitchell, PS Burgoyne
Developmental cell 10 (4), 521-529, 2006
A genetic basis for a postmeiotic X versus Y chromosome intragenomic conflict in the mouse
J Cocquet, PJI Ellis, SK Mahadevaiah, NA Affara, D Vaiman, PS Burgoyne
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The multicopy gene Sly represses the sex chromosomes in the male mouse germline after meiosis
J Cocquet, PJI Ellis, Y Yamauchi, SK Mahadevaiah, NA Affara, MA Ward, ...
PLoS Biol 7 (11), e1000244, 2009
Loss of TSLC1 causes male infertility due to a defect at the spermatid stage of spermatogenesis
L Van Der Weyden, MJ Arends, OE Chausiaux, PJ Ellis, UC Lange, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 26 (9), 3595-3609, 2006
Deletions on mouse Yq lead to upregulation of multiple X-and Y-linked transcripts in spermatids
PJI Ellis, EJ Clemente, P Ball, A Touré, L Ferguson, JMA Turner, ...
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Identification of novel Y chromosome encoded transcripts by testis transcriptome analysis of mice with deletions of the Y chromosome long arm
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The pig X and Y Chromosomes: structure, sequence, and evolution
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The human RPS4 paralogue on Yq11. 223 encodes a structurally conserved ribosomal protein and is preferentially expressed during spermatogenesis
A Lopes, R Miguel, C Sargent, P Ellis, A Amorim, N Affara
BMC Molecular Biology 11 (1), 33, 2010
Deficiency in the multicopy Sycp3-like X-linked genes Slx and Slxl1 causes major defects in spermatid differentiation
J Cocquet, PJI Ellis, Y Yamauchi, JM Riel, TPS Karacs, Á Rattigan, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 21 (20), 3497-3505, 2010
Association of Sly with sex-linked gene amplification during mouse evolution: a side effect of genomic conflict in spermatids?
PJI Ellis, J Bacon, NA Affara
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Modulation of the mouse testis transcriptome during postnatal development and in selected models of male infertility
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Differential sperm motility mediates the sex ratio drive shaping mouse sex chromosome evolution
CC Rathje, EEP Johnson, D Drage, C Patinioti, G Silvestri, NA Affara, ...
Current Biology 29 (21), 3692-3698. e4, 2019
Thrifty metabolic programming in rats is induced by both maternal undernutrition and postnatal leptin treatment, but masked in the presence of both: implications for models of …
PJI Ellis, TJ Morris, BM Skinner, CA Sargent, MH Vickers, PD Gluckman, ...
BMC genomics 15 (1), 1-18, 2014
Transcriptional profiling of luteinizing hormone receptor-deficient mice before and after testosterone treatment provides insight into the hormonal control of postnatal …
DK Griffin, PJ Ellis, B Dunmore, J Bauer, MH Abel, NA Affara
Biology of reproduction 82 (6), 1139-1150, 2010
Coordinated transcriptional regulation patterns associated with infertility phenotypes in men
PJI Ellis, RA Furlong, SJ Conner, J Kirkman-Brown, M Afnan, C Barratt, ...
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Two novel mouse genes mapped to chromosome Yp are expressed specifically in spermatids
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Zfy genes are required for efficient meiotic sex chromosome inactivation (MSCI) in spermatocytes
N Vernet, SK Mahadevaiah, DG de Rooij, PS Burgoyne, PJI Ellis
Human molecular genetics 25 (24), 5300-5310, 2016
Deficiency of the multi-copy mouse Y gene Sly causes sperm DNA damage and abnormal chromatin packaging
JM Riel, Y Yamauchi, A Sugawara, HYJ Li, V Ruthig, Z Stoytcheva, ...
J Cell Sci 126 (3), 803-813, 2013
The expression of Y-linked Zfy2 in XY mouse oocytes leads to frequent meiosis 2 defects, a high incidence of subsequent early cleavage stage arrest and infertility
N Vernet, M Szot, SK Mahadevaiah, PJI Ellis, F Decarpentrie, OA Ojarikre, ...
Development 141 (4), 855-866, 2014
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