Elsa Froufe
Elsa Froufe
Laboratory of Aquatic Ecology and Evolution (CIIMAR)
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Conservation status of freshwater mussels in Europe: state of the art and future challenges
M Lopes‐Lima, R Sousa, J Geist, DC Aldridge, R Araujo, J Bergengren, ...
Biological Reviews 92 (1), 572-607, 2017
Genetic subdivision, glacial refugia and postglacial recolonization in the golden‐striped salamander, Chioglossa lusitanica (Amphibia: Urodela)
J Alexandrino, E Froufe, JW Arntzen, N Ferrand
Molecular Ecology 9 (6), 771-781, 2000
Biology and conservation of freshwater bivalves: past, present and future perspectives
M Lopes-Lima, A Teixeira, E Froufe, A Lopes, S Varandas, R Sousa
Hydrobiologia 735 (1), 1-13, 2014
Phylogeny of the most species-rich freshwater bivalve family (Bivalvia: Unionida: Unionidae): Defining modern subfamilies and tribes
M Lopes-Lima, E Froufe, M Ghamizi, KE Mock, Ü Kebapçı, O Klishko, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 106, 174-191, 2017
Diversity, biogeography and conservation of freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionida) in East and Southeast Asia
A Zieritz, AE Bogan, E Froufe, O Klishko, T Kondo, U Kovitvadhi, ...
Hydrobiologia 810 (1), 29-44, 2018
Phylogenetic analysis of the genus Thymallus (grayling) based on mtDNA control region and ATPase 6 genes, with inferences on control region constraints and broad-scale Eurasian …
E Froufe, I Knizhin, S Weiss
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 34 (1), 106-117, 2005
Research priorities for freshwater mussel conservation assessment
N Ferreira-Rodríguez, YB Akiyama, OV Aksenova, R Araujo, MC Barnhart, ...
Biological Conservation 231, 77-87, 2019
Taxonomic inflation: species concept or historical geopolitical bias?
DJ Harris, E Froufe
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 20 (1), 6-7, 2005
Identification of reproductively isolated lineages of Amur grayling (Thymallus grubii Dybowski 1869): concordance between phenotypic and genetic variation
E Froufe, I Knizhin, MT Koskinen, CR Primmer, S Weiss
Molecular Ecology 12 (9), 2345-2355, 2003
Phenotypic and genetic differentiation of two major phylogeographical lineages of arctic grayling Thymallus arcticus in the Lena River, and surrounding Arctic …
S Weiss, I Knizhin, A Kirillov, E Froufe
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 88 (4), 511-525, 2006
Factors driving changes in freshwater mussel (Bivalvia, Unionida) diversity and distribution in Peninsular Malaysia
A Zieritz, M Lopes-Lima, AE Bogan, R Sousa, S Walton, KAA Rahim, ...
Science of the Total Environment 571, 1069-1078, 2016
Who lives where? Molecular and morphometric analyses clarify which Unio species (Unionida, Mollusca) inhabit the southwestern Palearctic
E Froufe, DV Gonçalves, A Teixeira, R Sousa, S Varandas, M Ghamizi, ...
Organisms Diversity & Evolution 16 (3), 597-611, 2016
Comparative phylogeography of salmonid fishes (Salmonidae) reveals late to post‐Pleistocene exchange between three now‐disjunct river basins in Siberia
E Froufe, S Alekseyev, I Knizhin, P Alexandrino, S Weiss
Diversity and Distributions 9 (4), 269-282, 2003
mtDNA sequence data supports an Asian ancestry and single introduction of the common carp into the Danube Basin
E Froufe, I Magyary, I Lehoczky, S Weiss
Journal of Fish Biology 61 (1), 301-304, 2002
Genetic diversity of the pan‐European freshwater mussel Anodonta anatina (Bivalvia: Unionoida) based on CO1: new phylogenetic insights and implications for …
E Froufe, C Sobral, A Teixeira, R Sousa, S Varandas, D C. Aldridge, ...
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 24 (4), 561-574, 2014
Postglacial colonization of Europe by the barbastelle bat: agreement between molecular data and past predictive modelling
H Rebelo, E Froufe, JC Brito, D Russo, L Cistrone, N Ferrand, G Jones
Molecular Ecology 21 (11), 2761-2774, 2012
Reproductive Cycle and Strategy of Anodonta anatina (L., 1758): Notes on Hermaphroditism
M Hinzmann, M LOPES‐LIMA, A Teixeira, S Varandas, R Sousa, A Lopes, ...
Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Ecological Genetics and Physiology …, 2013
Expansion and systematics redefinition of the most threatened freshwater mussel family, the Margaritiferidae
M Lopes-Lima, IN Bolotov, DC Aldridge, MM Fonseca, HM Gan, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 127, 98-118, 2018
Isolation and characterization of Brachymystax lenok microsatellite loci and cross‐species amplification in Hucho spp. and Parahucho perryi
E Froufe, KM Sefc, P Alexandrino, S Weiss
Molecular Ecology Notes 4 (2), 150-152, 2004
Lagrangian transport pathways in the northeast Atlantic and their environmental impact
I Sala, RMA Caldeira, SN Estrada‐Allis, E Froufe, X Couvelard
Limnology and Oceanography: Fluids and Environments 3 (1), 40-60, 2013
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