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Nanoenergetics as pressure generator for nontoxic impact primers: Comparison of Al/Bi2O3, Al/CuO, Al/MoO3 nanothermites and Al/PTFE
L Glavier, G Taton, JM Ducéré, V Baijot, S Pinon, T Calais, A Estève, ...
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Speeding up the unique assets of atomic layer deposition
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Enhancing the reactivity of Al/CuO nanolaminates by Cu incorporation at the interfaces
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Multiscale Modeling of the Atomic Layer Deposition of HfO2 Thin Film Grown on Silicon: How to Deal with a Kinetic Monte Carlo Procedure
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A computational chemist approach to gas sensors: Modeling the response of SnO2 to CO, O2, and H2O Gases
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