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Single platinum atoms embedded in nanoporous cobalt selenide as electrocatalyst for accelerating hydrogen evolution reaction
K Jiang, B Liu, M Luo, S Ning, M Peng, Y Zhao, YR Lu, TS Chan, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-9, 2019
Chemical vapor deposition of monolayer Mo 1− x W x S 2 crystals with tunable band gaps
Z Wang, P Liu, Y Ito, S Ning, Y Tan, T Fujita, A Hirata, M Chen
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Ultrathin two-dimensional membranes assembled by ionic covalent organic nanosheets with reduced apertures for gas separation
Y Ying, M Tong, S Ning, SK Ravi, SB Peh, SC Tan, SJ Pennycook, D Zhao
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Lithium intercalation into bilayer graphene
K Ji, J Han, A Hirata, T Fujita, Y Shen, S Ning, P Liu, H Kashani, Y Tian, ...
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Selective ionic transport pathways in phosphorene
A Nie, Y Cheng, S Ning, T Foroozan, P Yasaei, W Li, B Song, Y Yuan, ...
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Differentiating polymorphs in molybdenum disulfide via electron microscopy
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Engineering covalently bonded 2D layered materials by self-intercalation
X Zhao, P Song, C Wang, AC Riis-Jensen, W Fu, Y Deng, D Wan, L Kang, ...
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Engineering the internal surfaces of three-dimensional nanoporous catalysts by surfactant-modified dealloying
Z Wang, P Liu, J Han, C Cheng, S Ning, A Hirata, T Fujita, M Chen
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Tuning Surface Structure of 3D Nanoporous Gold by Surfactant‐Free Electrochemical Potential Cycling
Z Wang, S Ning, P Liu, Y Ding, A Hirata, T Fujita, M Chen
Advanced Materials 29 (41), 1703601, 2017
Operando characterization of cathodic reactions in a liquid-state lithium-oxygen micro-battery by scanning transmission electron microscopy
P Liu, J Han, X Guo, Y Ito, C Yang, S Ning, T Fujita, A Hirata, M Chen
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Unveiling Three-Dimensional Stacking Sequences of 1T Phase MoS2 Monolayers by Electron Diffraction
Z Wang, S Ning, T Fujita, A Hirata, M Chen
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Defect-controlled electrocaloric effect in PbZrO 3 thin films
M Wu, D Song, G Vats, S Ning, M Guo, D Zhang, D Xue, SJ Pennycook, ...
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Single-Atom Tungsten-doped CoP nanoarrays as a high-efficiency pH-universal catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
J Wu, N Han, S Ning, T Chen, C Zhu, C Pan, H Wu, SJ Pennycook, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 8 (39), 14825-14832, 2020
Seeing atomic-scale structural origins and foreseeing new pathways to improved thermoelectric materials
H Wu, Y Zhang, S Ning, LD Zhao, SJ Pennycook
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Scanning distortion correction in STEM images
S Ning, T Fujita, A Nie, Z Wang, X Xu, J Chen, M Chen, S Yao, TY Zhang
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Space‐confined microwave synthesis of ternary‐layered BiOCl crystals with high‐performance ultraviolet photodetection
L Kang, X Yu, X Zhao, Q Ouyang, J Di, M Xu, D Tian, W Gan, CCI Ang, ...
InfoMat 2 (3), 593-600, 2020
Electronic and plasmonic phenomena at nonstoichiometric grain boundaries in metallic SrNbO 3
D Song, D Wan, HH Wu, D Xue, S Ning, M Wu, T Venkatesan, ...
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General synthesis of nanoporous 2D metal compounds with 3D bicontinous structure
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Deformation behaviour of 18R long-period stacking ordered structure in an Mg-Zn-Y alloy under shock loading
F Zhang, Y Ren, S Ning, Y Tian, W Hu, C Tan, T Fujita, A Hirata, M Chen
Intermetallics 102, 21-25, 2018
Chemical Selectivity at Grain Boundary Dislocations in Monolayer Mo1–xWxS2 Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
Z Wang, Y Shen, S Ning, Y Ito, P Liu, Z Tang, T Fujita, A Hirata, M Chen
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (35), 29438-29444, 2017
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