Sephira G. Ryman
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Functional brain networks contributing to the Parieto-Frontal Integration Theory of Intelligence
AA Vakhtin, SG Ryman, RA Flores, RE Jung
Neuroimage 103, 349-354, 2014
Sex differences in the relationship between white matter connectivity and creativity
SG Ryman, MP van den Heuvel, RA Yeo, A Caprihan, J Carrasco, ...
NeuroImage 101, 380-389, 2014
MIGRAINE: MRI graph reliability analysis and inference for connectomics
WG Roncal, ZH Koterba, D Mhembere, DM Kleissas, JT Vogelstein, ...
2013 IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing, 313-316, 2013
Quantity yields quality when it comes to creativity: a brain and behavioral test of the equal-odds rule
RE Jung, CJ Wertz, CA Meadows, SG Ryman, AA Vakhtin, RA Flores
Frontiers in psychology 6, 864, 2015
Developmental cognitive neuroscience of adolescent sexual risk and alcohol use
SWF Ewing, SG Ryman, AS Gillman, BJ Weiland, RE Thayer, AD Bryan
AIDS and Behavior 20 (1), 97-108, 2016
Subcortical intelligence: caudate volume predicts IQ in healthy adults
RG Grazioplene, S G. Ryman, JR Gray, A Rustichini, RE Jung, ...
Human brain mapping 36 (4), 1407-1416, 2015
Graph metrics of structural brain networks in individuals with schizophrenia and healthy controls: group differences, relationships with intelligence, and genetics
RA Yeo, SG Ryman, MP Van Den Heuvel, MA De Reus, RE Jung, ...
Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society 22 (2), 240-249, 2016
Computing scalable multivariate glocal invariants of large (brain-) graphs
D Mhembere, WG Roncal, D Sussman, CE Priebe, R Jung, S Ryman, ...
2013 IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing, 297-300, 2013
Fronto‐Parietal gray matter and white matter efficiency differentially predict intelligence in males and females
SG Ryman, RA Yeo, K Witkiewitz, AA Vakhtin, M van den Heuvel, ...
Human brain mapping 37 (11), 4006-4016, 2016
Look hear! The prefrontal cortex is stratified by modality of sensory input during multisensory cognitive control
AR Mayer, SG Ryman, FM Hanlon, AB Dodd, JM Ling
Cerebral Cortex 27 (5), 2831-2840, 2016
Subcortical correlates of individual differences in aptitude
RE Jung, SG Ryman, AA Vakhtin, J Carrasco, C Wertz, RA Flores
PloS one 9 (2), e89425, 2014
Brain biochemistry and personality: a magnetic resonance spectroscopy study
SG Ryman, C Gasparovic, EJ Bedrick, RA Flores, AN Marshall, RE Jung
PLoS one 6 (11), e26758, 2011
Impaired midline theta power and connectivity during proactive cognitive control in schizophrenia
SG Ryman, JF Cavanagh, CJ Wertz, NA Shaff, AB Dodd, B Stevens, ...
Biological psychiatry 84 (9), 675-683, 2018
Proactive response inhibition abnormalities in the sensorimotor cortex of patients with schizophrenia
AR Mayer, FM Hanlon, AB Dodd, RA Yeo, KY Haaland, JM Ling, ...
Journal of psychiatry & neuroscience: JPN 41 (5), 312, 2016
A high-throughput pipeline identifies robust connectomes but troublesome variability
G Kiar, E Bridgeford, WG Roncal, V Chandrashekhar, D Mhembere, ...
bioRxiv, 188706, 2018
Neurosensory deficits vary as a function of point of care in pediatric mild traumatic brain injury
AR Mayer, C Wertz, SG Ryman, EP Storey, G Park, J Phillips, AB Dodd, ...
Journal of neurotrauma 35 (10), 1178-1184, 2018
Sexual risk-taking and subcortical brain volume in adolescence
SW Feldstein Ewing, KA Hudson, J Caouette, AR Mayer, RE Thayer, ...
Annals of Behavioral Medicine 52 (5), 393-405, 2018
General cognitive ability and fluctuating asymmetry of brain surface area
RA Yeo, SG Ryman, J Pommy, RJ Thoma, RE Jung
Intelligence 56, 93-98, 2016
Sex differences in the Human Connectome
V Kulkarni, JS Pudipeddi, L Akoglu, JT Vogelstein, RJ Vogelstein, ...
International conference on brain and health informatics, 82-91, 2013
Proactive and reactive cognitive control rely on flexible use of the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex
SG Ryman, AA El Shaikh, NA Shaff, FM Hanlon, AB Dodd, CJ Wertz, ...
Human brain mapping 40 (3), 955-966, 2019
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