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RNA modifications modulate gene expression during development
M Frye, BT Harada, M Behm, C He
Science 361 (6409), 1346-1349, 2018
Lrig1 expression defines a distinct multipotent stem cell population in mammalian epidermis
KB Jensen, CA Collins, E Nascimento, DW Tan, M Frye, S Itami, FM Watt
Cell stem cell 4 (5), 427-439, 2009
RNA cytosine methylation by Dnmt2 and NSun2 promotes tRNA stability and protein synthesis
F Tuorto, R Liebers, T Musch, M Schaefer, S Hofmann, S Kellner, M Frye, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 19 (9), 900-905, 2012
Aberrant methylation of t RNA s links cellular stress to neuro‐developmental disorders
S Blanco, S Dietmann, JV Flores, S Hussain, C Kutter, P Humphreys, ...
The EMBO journal 33 (18), 2020-2039, 2014
NSun2-mediated cytosine-5 methylation of vault noncoding RNA determines its processing into regulatory small RNAs
S Hussain, AA Sajini, S Blanco, S Dietmann, P Lombard, Y Sugimoto, ...
Cell reports 4 (2), 255-261, 2013
Stem cell function and stress response are controlled by protein synthesis
S Blanco, R Bandiera, M Popis, S Hussain, P Lombard, J Aleksic, A Sajini, ...
Nature 534 (7607), 335-340, 2016
RNA modifications regulating cell fate in cancer
S Delaunay, M Frye
Nature cell biology 21 (5), 552-559, 2019
Stem cell depletion through epidermal deletion of Rac1
SA Benitah, M Frye, M Glogauer, FM Watt
Science 309 (5736), 933-935, 2005
The RNA methyltransferase Misu (NSun2) mediates Myc-induced proliferation and is upregulated in tumors
M Frye, FM Watt
Current Biology 16 (10), 971-981, 2006
Analysis of CLIP and iCLIP methods for nucleotide-resolution studies of protein-RNA interactions
Y Sugimoto, J König, S Hussain, B Zupan, T Curk, M Frye, J Ule
Genome biology 13, 1-13, 2012
RNA modifications: what have we learned and where are we headed?
M Frye, SR Jaffrey, T Pan, G Rechavi, T Suzuki
Nature Reviews Genetics 17 (6), 365-372, 2016
Evidence that Myc activation depletes the epidermal stem cell compartment by modulating adhesive interactions with the local microenvironment
M Frye, C Gardner, ER Li, I Arnold, FM Watt
Oxford University Press for The Company of Biologists Limited 130 (12), 2793 …, 2003
Whole exome sequencing identifies a splicing mutation in NSUN2 as a cause of a Dubowitz-like syndrome
FJ Martinez, JH Lee, JE Lee, S Blanco, E Nickerson, S Gabriel, M Frye, ...
Journal of medical genetics 49 (6), 380-385, 2012
Mutation in NSUN2, which encodes an RNA methyltransferase, causes autosomal-recessive intellectual disability
MA Khan, MA Rafiq, A Noor, S Hussain, JV Flores, V Rupp, AK Vincent, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 90 (5), 856-863, 2012
Characterizing 5-methylcytosine in the mammalian epitranscriptome
S Hussain, J Aleksic, S Blanco, S Dietmann, M Frye
Genome biology 14, 1-10, 2013
Deficient methylation and formylation of mt-tRNAMet wobble cytosine in a patient carrying mutations in NSUN3
L Van Haute, S Dietmann, L Kremer, S Hussain, SF Pearce, CA Powell, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 12039, 2016
The RNA–methyltransferase Misu (NSun2) poises epidermal stem cells to differentiate
S Blanco, A Kurowski, J Nichols, FM Watt, SA Benitah, M Frye
PLoS genetics 7 (12), e1002403, 2011
MYC in mammalian epidermis: how can an oncogene stimulate differentiation?
FM Watt, M Frye, SA Benitah
Nature Reviews Cancer 8 (3), 234-242, 2008
Regulation of human epidermal stem cell proliferation and senescence requires polycomb-dependent and-independent functions of Cbx4
NM Luis, L Morey, S Mejetta, G Pascual, P Janich, B Kuebler, G Roma, ...
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Characterization of Bipotential Epidermal Progenitors Derived from Human Sebaceous Gland: Contrasting Roles of c-Myc and β-Catenin
C Lo Celso, MA Berta, KM Braun, M Frye, S Lyle, CC Zouboulis, FM Watt
Stem cells 26 (5), 1241-1252, 2008
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