Alberto Leal
Alberto Leal
Department Clinical Neurophysiology, Hospital Júlio de Matos
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Feasibility of focal transcranial DC polarization with simultaneous EEG recording: preliminary assessment in healthy subjects and human epilepsy
P Faria, F Fregni, F Sebastião, AI Dias, A Leal
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AJR Leal, A Moreira, C Robalo, C Ribeiro
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Comparing different electrode configurations using the 10-10 international system in tDCS: a finite element model analysis
P Faria, A Leal, PC Miranda
2009 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and …, 2009
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AJR Leal, V Passão, E Calado, JP Vieira, JPS Cunha
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EEG-informed fMRI: a review of data analysis methods
R Abreu, A Leal, P Figueiredo
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Transfer function between EEG and BOLD signals of epileptic activity
M Leite, A Leal, P Figueiredo
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Analysis of the dynamics and origin of epileptic activity in patients with tuberous sclerosis evaluated for surgery of epilepsy
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R Abreu, A Leal, FL da Silva, P Figueiredo
Clinical Neurophysiology 129 (3), 618-635, 2018
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