Amrita Sarkar
Amrita Sarkar
Montclair State University
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2D matrix engineering for homogeneous quantum dot coupling in photovoltaic solids
J Xu, O Voznyy, M Liu, AR Kirmani, G Walters, R Munir, M Abdelsamie, ...
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Multi-scale assembly of polythiophene-surfactant supramolecular complexes for charge transport anisotropy
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Full Gamut Wall Tunability from Persistent Micelle Templates via Ex Situ Hydrolysis
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Ordered nanostructures of carbon nanotube–polymer composites from lyotropic liquid crystal templating
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Surface functionalized atomic layer deposition of bismuth vanadate for single-phase scheelite
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Cavitation Enables Switchable and Rapid Block Polymer Exchange under High-χN Conditions
KA Lantz, A Sarkar, KC Littrell, T Li, K Hong, M Stefik
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Robust porous polymers enabled by a fast trifluoroacetic acid etch with improved selectivity for polylactide
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k, A. Amassian and EH Sargent
J Xu, O Voznyy, M Liu, AR Kirmani, G Walters, R Munir, M Abdelsamie, ...
Nat. Nanotechnol 13, 456-462, 2018
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