Thomas J Hayward
Thomas J Hayward
Senior Lecturer in Materials Physics, University of Sheffield
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Ferromagnetic nanorings
CAF Vaz, TJ Hayward, J Llandro, F Schackert, D Morecroft, JAC Bland, ...
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Chirality-based vortex domain-wall logic gates
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Pinning induced by inter-domain wall interactions in planar magnetic nanowires
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Domain wall pinning for racetrack memory using exchange bias
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TJ Hayward
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Realization of the manipulation of ultracold atoms with a reconfigurable nanomagnetic system of domain walls
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Rewritable remote encoding and decoding of miniature multi-bit magnetic tags for high-throughput biological analysis
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Toward Chirality‐Encoded Domain Wall Logic
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Magnetic micro-barcodes for molecular tagging applications
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Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 43 (17), 175001, 2010
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