Aldino Viegas
Aldino Viegas
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
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Saturation-transfer difference (STD) NMR: a simple and fast method for ligand screening and characterization of protein binding
A Viegas, J Manso, FL Nobrega, EJ Cabrita
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T Viennet, A Viegas, A Kuepper, S Arens, V Gelev, O Petrov, ...
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Platinated DNA affects zinc finger conformation. Interaction of a platinated single-stranded oligonucleotide and the C-terminal zinc finger of nucleocapsid protein HIVNCp7
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Solution structure of hirsutellin A–new insights into the active site and interacting interfaces of ribotoxins
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UTOPIA NMR: activating unexploited magnetization using interleaved low-gamma detection
A Viegas, T Viennet, TY Yu, F Schumann, W Bermel, G Wagner, ...
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Inhibition of ovine in vitro fertilization by anti-Prt antibody: hypothetical model for Prt/ZP interaction
J Pimenta, J Sardinha, CC Marques, A Domingos, MC Baptista, ...
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Molecular Architecture of a Network of Potential Intracellular EGFR Modulators: ARNO, CaM, Phospholipids, and the Juxtamembrane Segment
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Structure, 2019
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