Cláudia Cardoso
Cláudia Cardoso
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Van der Waals spin valves
C Cardoso, D Soriano, NA García-Martínez, J Fernández-Rossier
Physical review letters 121 (6), 067701, 2018
Interplay between interlayer exchange and stacking in CrI3 bilayers
D Soriano, C Cardoso, J Fernández-Rossier
Solid State Communications 299, 113662, 2019
Probing the mechanism for graphene nanoribbon formation on gold surfaces through X-ray spectroscopy
A Batra, D Cvetko, G Kladnik, O Adak, C Cardoso, A Ferretti, D Prezzi, ...
Chemical Science 5 (11), 4419-4423, 2014
Bright electroluminescence from single graphene nanoribbon junctions
MC Chong, N Afshar-Imani, F Scheurer, C Cardoso, A Ferretti, D Prezzi, ...
Nano letters 18 (1), 175-181, 2018
Surface-assisted reactions toward formation of graphene nanoribbons on Au (110) surface
L Massimi, O Ourdjini, L Lafferentz, M Koch, L Grill, E Cavaliere, L Gavioli, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (5), 2427-2437, 2015
Influence of Thermal Treatment and Crystal Growth on the Final Composition and Magnetic Properties of the YFexAl12-x (4 ≤ x ≤ 4.2) Intermetallics
JC Waerenborgh, P Salamakha, O Sologub, AP Gonçalves, C Cardoso, ...
Chemistry of materials 12 (6), 1743-1749, 2000
Ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic coupling of spin molecular interfaces with high thermal stability
G Avvisati, C Cardoso, D Varsano, A Ferretti, P Gargiani, MG Betti
Nano letters 18 (4), 2268-2273, 2018
Magnetic phase diagram of the semiordered alloys
M Kuznietz, AP Gonçalves, JC Waerenborgh, M Almeida, C Cardoso, ...
Physical Review B 60 (13), 9494, 1999
FePc adsorption on the Moiré superstructure of graphene intercalated with a cobalt layer
G Avvisati, S Lisi, P Gargiani, A Della Pia, O De Luca, D Pacilé, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (3), 1639-1647, 2017
Ab-initio calculations of the Ruddlesden–Popper phases CaMnO3, CaO (CaMnO3) and CaO (CaMnO3) 2
C Cardoso, RP Borges, T Gasche, M Godinho
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 20 (3), 035202, 2007
Crystal structure and experimental and theoretical studies of the second-order nonlinear optical properties of salts of triphenylguanidine with carboxylic acids
PSP Silva, C Cardoso, MR Silva, JA Paixão, AM Beja, MH Garcia, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 114 (7), 2607-2617, 2010
Self-doping and the role of oxygen vacancies in the magnetic properties of cubic BaFeO3− δ
B Ribeiro, M Godinho, C Cardoso, RP Borges, TP Gasche
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (8), 2013
Structure dependence of hyperpolarizability in octopolar molecules
C Cardoso, PE Abreu, F Nogueira
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 5 (4), 850-858, 2009
Computational study of molecules with high intrinsic hyperpolarizabilities
C Cardoso, PE Abreu, BF Milne, F Nogueira
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 114 (39), 10676-10683, 2010
Electronic structure evolution during the growth of graphene nanoribbons on Au (110)
A Della Pia, G Avvisati, O Ourdjini, C Cardoso, D Varsano, D Prezzi, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (13), 7323-7331, 2016
Frequency dependence in made simple using a multipole approximation
DA Leon, C Cardoso, T Chiarotti, D Varsano, E Molinari, A Ferretti
Physical Review B 104 (11), 115157, 2021
Experimental and ab-initio studies of the spectroscopic properties of N, N′, N ″-triphenylguanidine and N, N′, N ″-triphenylguanidinium chloride
C Cardoso, PSP Silva, MR Silva, AM Beja, JA Paixão, F Nogueira, ...
Journal of Molecular Structure 878 (1-3), 169-176, 2008
N, N′, N′′-Triphenylguanidinium trifluoroacetate
PS Pereira Silva, C Cardoso, M Ramos Silva, JA Paixao
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online 63 (2), o501-o503, 2007
Marine natural products from the deep Pacific as potential non-linear optical chromophores
BF Milne, P Norman, F Nogueira, C Cardoso
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (35), 14814-14822, 2013
Propeller-like conformation of diphenylacetic acid
MR Silva, C Cardoso, AM Beja, JA Paixao, SR Domingos
Journal of Chemical Crystallography 38, 403-406, 2008
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