Raquel L. Bernardino
Raquel L. Bernardino
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Dose-dependent effects of caffeine in human Sertoli cells metabolism and oxidative profile: Relevance for male fertility
TR Dias, MG Alves, RL Bernardino, AD Martins, AC Moreira, J Silva, ...
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Estradiol modulates Na+‐dependent HCO3 transporters altering intracellular pH and ion transport in human Sertoli cells: A role on male fertility?
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Establishment of Primary Culture of Sertoli Cells
RL Bernardino, MG Alves, PF Oliveira
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Pioglitazone increases the glycolytic efficiency of human Sertoli cells with possible implications for spermatogenesis
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Expression of estrogen receptors alpha (ER-α), beta (ER-β), and G protein-coupled receptor 30 (GPR30) in testicular tissue of men with Klinefelter syndrome
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pH and male fertility: making sense on pH homeodynamics throughout the male reproductive tract
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Estrogen modulates glycerol permeability in sertoli cells through downregulation of aquaporin-9
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Emerging potential of natural products as an alternative strategy to pharmacological agents used against metabolic disorders
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Evaluation of the purity of Sertoli cell primary cultures
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Carbonic anhydrases are involved in mitochondrial biogenesis and control the production of lactate by human Sertoli cells
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The FEBS journal 286 (7), 1393-1406, 2019
l-Theanine promotes cultured human Sertoli cells proliferation and modulates glucose metabolism
TR Dias, RL Bernardino, MG Alves, J Silva, A Barros, M Sousa, S Casal, ...
European journal of nutrition, 1-10, 2019
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