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In situ accessibility of small-subunit rRNA of members of the domains Bacteria, Archaea, and Eucarya to Cy3-labeled oligonucleotide probes
S Behrens, C Rühland, J Inácio, H Huber, A Fonseca, I Spencer-Martins, ...
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 69 (3), 1748-1758, 2003
Phylloplane yeasts
A Fonseca, J Inácio
Biodiversity and ecophysiology of yeasts, 263-301, 2006
A low cost, safe, disposable, rapid and self-sustainable paper-based platform for diagnostic testing: lab-on-paper
MN Costa, B Veigas, JM Jacob, DS Santos, J Gomes, PV Baptista, ...
Nanotechnology 25 (9), 094006, 2014
Estimation and diversity of phylloplane mycobiota on selected plants in a mediterranean–type ecosystem in Portugal
J Inacio, P Pereira, M Carvalho, A Fonseca, MT Amaral-Collaco, ...
Microbial Ecology 44 (4), 344-353, 2002
Gold on paper–paper platform for Au-nanoprobe TB detection
B Veigas, JM Jacob, MN Costa, DS Santos, M Viveiros, J Inácio, R Martins, ...
Lab on a Chip 12 (22), 4802-4808, 2012
Application of fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) to the analysis of yeast population dynamics in winery and laboratory grape must fermentations
A Xufre, H Albergaria, J Inácio, I Spencer-Martins, F Gírio
International Journal of Food Microbiology 108 (3), 376-384, 2006
Efficient identification of clinically relevant Candida yeast species by use of an assay combining panfungal loop-mediated isothermal DNA amplification with hybridization to …
J Inácio, O Flores, I Spencer-Martins
Journal of clinical microbiology 46 (2), 713-720, 2008
Ethanol tolerance of sugar transport, and the rectification of stuck wine fermentations
J Santos, MJ Sousa, H Cardoso, J Inacio, S Silva, I Spencer-Martins, ...
Microbiology 154 (2), 422-430, 2008
Phylloplane yeasts from Portugal: seven novel anamorphic species in the Tremellales lineage of the Hymenomycetes (Basidiomycota) producing orange-coloured colonies
J Inácio, L Portugal, I Spencer-Martins, Á Fonseca
FEMS yeast research 5 (12), 1167-1183, 2005
In situ accessibility of Saccharomyces cerevisiae 26S rRNA to Cy3-labeled oligonucleotide probes comprising the D1 and D2 domains
J Inácio, S Behrens, BM Fuchs, Á Fonseca, I Spencer-Martins, R Amann
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 69 (5), 2899-2905, 2003
Gold nanoprobe assay for the identification of mycobacteria of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex
P Costa, A Amaro, A Botelho, J Inácio, PV Baptista
Clinical Microbiology and Infection 16 (9), 1464-1469, 2010
Capture and detection of DNA hybrids on paper via the anchoring of antibodies with fusions of carbohydrate binding modules and ZZ-domains
AMM Rosa, AF Louro, SAM Martins, J Inácio, AM Azevedo, DMF Prazeres
Analytical chemistry 86 (9), 4340-4347, 2014
Differentiation of Cryptococcus neoformans varieties and Cryptococcus gattii using CAP59-based loop-mediated isothermal DNA amplification
S Lucas, M da Luz Martins, O Flores, W Meyer, I Spencer-Martins, J Inácio
Clinical Microbiology and Infection 16 (6), 711-714, 2010
Enhanced detection of tuberculous mycobacteria in animal tissues using a semi-nested probe-based real-time PCR
P Costa, AS Ferreira, A Amaro, T Albuquerque, A Botelho, I Couto, ...
PLoS One 8 (11), e81337, 2013
Portable optoelectronic biosensing platform for identification of mycobacteria from the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex
LB Silva, B Veigas, G Doria, P Costa, J Inácio, R Martins, E Fortunato, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 26 (5), 2012-2017, 2011
Phylloplane Yeasts. Biodiversity and ecophysiology of yeasts
A Fonseca, J Inácio
The yeast handbook/Eds. Rosa CA, Peter G. SpringerаVerlag, 263-301, 2006
Characterisation and classification of phylloplane yeasts from Portugal related to the genus Taphrina and description of five novel Lalaria species
J Inácio, MG Rodrigues, P Sobral, Á Fonseca
FEMS yeast research 4 (4-5), 541-555, 2004
Auriculibuller fuscus gen. nov., sp. nov. and Bullera japonica sp. nov., novel taxa in the Tremellales
JP Sampaio, J Inacio, A Fonseca, M Gadanho, I Spencer-Martins, ...
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 54 (3 …, 2004
Yeast biogeography and the effects of species recognition approaches: the case study of widespread basidiomycetous species from birch forests in Russia
A Yurkov, J Inácio, IY Chernov, Á Fonseca
Current microbiology 70 (4), 587-601, 2015
Assessment of phylloplane yeasts on selected Mediterranean plants by FISH with group-and species-specific oligonucleotide probes
J Inácio, W Ludwig, I Spencer-Martins, Á Fonseca
FEMS microbiology ecology 71 (1), 61-72, 2009
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