Sushant Sharma
Sushant Sharma
Postdoctoral fellow, University of Ulsan, Advanced Carbon Products, CSIR-National Physical
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Excellent mechanical properties of long multiwalled carbon nanotube bridged Kevlar fabric
S Sharma, AK Pathak, VN Singh, S Teotia, SR Dhakate, BP Singh
Carbon 137, 104-117, 2018
Interleaved MWCNT buckypaper between CFRP laminates to improve through-thickness electrical conductivity and reducing lightning strike damage
V Kumar, S Sharma, A Pathak, BP Singh, SR Dhakate, T Yokozeki, ...
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Enhanced thermomechanical and electrical properties of multiwalled carbon nanotube paper reinforced epoxy laminar composites
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Design of MWCNT bucky paper reinforced PANI–DBSA–DVB composites with superior electrical and mechanical properties
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Construction and Mechanism Analysis of a Self-Assembled Conductive Network in DGEBA/PEI/HRGO Nanocomposites by Controlling Filler Selective Localization
Y Meng, S Sharma, W Gan, SH Hur, WM Choi, JS Chung
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Mechanical Properties of CNT Network-Reinforced Polymer Composites
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Carbon Nanotubes in Protective Fabrics: A Short Review
S Sharma, Sanjay R. Dhakate, Bhanu Pratap Singh*
Trends in Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology 3 (3), 1-3, 2018
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