Praveenkumar Sappidi
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Polyelectrolyte conformational transition in aqueous solvent mixture influenced by hydrophobic interactions and hydrogen bonding effects: PAA–water–ethanol
P Sappidi, U Natarajan
Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 64, 60-74, 2016
Conformations and hydration structure of hydrophobic polyelectrolyte atactic poly(ethacrylic acid) in dilute aqueous solution as a function of neutralisation
P Sappidi, SS Muralidharan, U Natarajan
Molecular Simulation 40 (4), 295-305, 2014
Adsorption of Gadolinium (Gd3+) Ions on the Dibenzo Crown Ether (DBCE) and Dicyclo Hexano Crown Ether (DCHCE) Grafted on the Polystyrene Surface …
P Sappidi, A Boda, SM Ali, JK Singh
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (19), 12276-12285, 2019
Factors responsible for the aggregation behavior of hydrophobic polyelectrolyte PEA in aqueous solution studied by molecular dynamics simulations
P Sappidi, U Natarajan
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Extraction of Gd3+ and UO22+ Ions Using Polystyrene Grafted Dibenzo Crown Ether (DB18C6) with Octanol and Nitrobenzene: A Molecular Dynamics Study
P Sappidi, S Namsani, SM Ali, JK Singh
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 122 (3), 1334-1344, 2018
Molecular simulation of the separation of toluene and p-xylene with the thermally-robust ionic liquid triphenyl-p-phenyl sulfonyl phenyl phosphonium
P Sappidi, BD Rabideau, CH Turner
Chemical Engineering Science 224, 115790, 2020
Molecular-level behavior of imidazolium-based ionic liquid mixtures
P Sappidi, JE Bara, CH Turner
Chemical Engineering Science 229, 116073, 2021
Selective Separation of CO2 from Flue Gas Using Carbon and Boron Nitride Nanotubes as a Membrane
M Maurya, PK Sappidi, JK Singh
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Influence of hydrogen bonding on the structural transition of poly (methacrylic acid) chain in water–ethanol solution by molecular dynamics simulations
P Sappidi, U Natarajan
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Effect of polystyrene length for the extraction of Gd3+ and UO22+ ions using dicyclohexano crown ether (DCH18C6) with octanol and nitrobenzene: A molecular dynamics study
P Sappidi, SH Mir, JK Singh
Journal of Molecular Liquids 271, 166-174, 2018
Molecular Simulation of High-Salinity Brines in Contact with Diisopropylamine and Tripropylamine Solvents
P Sappidi, G Barbosa, BD Rabideau, ST Weinman, CH Turner
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2021
Molecular Dynamics Study on the Adsorption of UO22+ from an Aqueous Phase: Effect of Grafting Dibenzo Crown Ether and Dicyclohexano Crown Ether on the Polystyrene Surface
P Sappidi, JK Singh
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 65 (3), 1051-1059, 2019
Effect of salt valency and concentration on structure and thermodynamic behavior of anionic polyelectrolyte Na+-polyethacrylate aqueous solution
P Sappidi, U Natarajan
Journal of molecular modeling 22 (11), 1-16, 2016
Molecular simulation of separation of gadolinium ions from aqueous waste using directional solvent extraction
P Sappidi
Journal of Molecular Liquids 341, 117330, 2021
How Do Ionic Liquids “Fold” Ionenes? Computational and Experimental Analysis of Imidazolium Polymers Based on Ether and Alkyl Chain Variations Dissolved in an Ionic Liquid
P Sappidi, X Liu, KE O’Harra, JE Bara, CH Turner
Macromolecules, 2021
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