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RNAi screening reveals requirement for host cell secretory pathway in infection by diverse families of negative-strand RNA viruses
D Panda, A Das, PX Dinh, S Subramaniam, D Nayak, NJ Barrows, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (47), 19036-19041, 2011
A genome-wide RNAi screen reveals that mRNA decapping restricts bunyaviral replication by limiting the pools of Dcp2-accessible targets for cap-snatching
KC Hopkins, LM McLane, T Maqbool, D Panda, B Gordesky-Gold, ...
Genes & development 27 (13), 1511-1525, 2013
Oxidative stress indices in gastroenteritis in dogs with canine parvoviral infection
D Panda, RC Patra, DS S. Nandi
Research in Veterinary Science 86 (1), 36-42, 2009
Biarsenical labeling of vesicular stomatitis virus encoding tetracysteine-tagged m protein allows dynamic imaging of m protein and virus uncoating in infected cells
SC Das, D Panda, D Nayak, AK Pattnaik
Journal of virology 83 (6), 2611-2622, 2009
Genome-wide RNAi screen identifies SEC61A and VCP as conserved regulators of Sindbis virus entry
D Panda, PP Rose, SL Hanna, B Gold, KC Hopkins, RB Lyde, MS Marks, ...
Cell reports 5 (6), 1737-1748, 2013
Interferon-inducible protein IFI35 negatively regulates RIG-I antiviral signaling and supports vesicular stomatitis virus replication
A Das, PX Dinh, D Panda, AK Pattnaik
Journal of virology 88 (6), 3103-3113, 2014
Induction of stress granule-like structures in vesicular stomatitis virus-infected cells
PX Dinh, LK Beura, PB Das, D Panda, A Das, AK Pattnaik
Journal of virology 87 (1), 372-383, 2013
Cell-based genomic screening: elucidating virus–host interactions
D Panda, S Cherry
Current opinion in virology 2 (6), 784-792, 2012
Antagonistic effects of cellular poly (C) binding proteins on vesicular stomatitis virus gene expression
PX Dinh, LK Beura, D Panda, A Das, AK Pattnaik
Journal of virology 85 (18), 9459-9471, 2011
Evolutionary and structural analyses of alpha-papillomavirus capsid proteins yields novel insights into L2 structure and interaction with L1
J Lowe, D Panda, S Rose, T Jensen, WA Hughes, PC Angeletti
Virology journal 5 (1), 150, 2008
Single-amino-acid alterations in a highly conserved central region of vesicular stomatitis virus N protein differentially affect the viral nucleocapsid template functions
D Nayak, D Panda, SC Das, M Luo, AK Pattnaik
Journal of virology 83 (11), 5525-5534, 2009
RNASEK is required for internalization of diverse acid-dependent viruses
BA Hackett, A Yasunaga, D Panda, MA Tartell, KC Hopkins, SE Hensley, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (25), 7797-7802, 2015
Nup98 promotes antiviral gene expression to restrict RNA viral infection in Drosophila
D Panda, P Pascual-Garcia, M Dunagin, M Tudor, KC Hopkins, J Xu, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (37), E3890-E3899, 2014
Virus-induced translational arrest through 4EBP1/2-dependent decay of 5′-TOP mRNAs restricts viral infection
KC Hopkins, MA Tartell, C Herrmann, BA Hackett, F Taschuk, D Panda, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (22), E2920-E2929, 2015
Induction of interferon and interferon signaling pathways by replication of defective interfering particle RNA in cells constitutively expressing vesicular stomatitis virus …
D Panda, PX Dinh, LK Beura, AK Pattnaik
Journal of virology 84 (9), 4826-4831, 2010
Differential responses by human respiratory epithelial cell lines to respiratory syncytial virus reflect distinct patterns of infection control
P Hillyer, R Shepard, M Uehling, M Krenz, F Sheikh, KR Thayer, L Huang, ...
Journal of virology 92 (15), 2018
The transcription factor FoxK participates with Nup98 to regulate antiviral gene expression
D Panda, B Gold, MA Tartell, K Rausch, S Casas-Tinto, S Cherry
MBio 6 (2), 2015
Triad of human cellular proteins, IRF2, FAM111A, and RFC3, restrict replication of orthopoxvirus SPI-1 host-range mutants
D Panda, DJ Fernandez, M Lal, E Buehler, B Moss
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (14), 3720-3725, 2017
Identification of poxvirus genome uncoating and DNA replication factors with mutually redundant roles
B Liu, D Panda, JD Mendez-Rios, S Ganesan, LS Wyatt, B Moss
Journal of virology 92 (7), 2018
Developmental regulation of type 1 and type 3 interferon production and risk for infant infections and asthma development
PG Holt, D Mok, D Panda, L Renn, G Fabozzi, NH deKlerk, MMH Kusel, ...
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 143 (3), 1176-1182. e5, 2019
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