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Ordering Phenomena and Phase Transitions in a Spin‐Crossover Compound—Uncovering the Nature of the Intermediate Phase of [Fe (2‐pic) 3] Cl2⋅ EtOH
D Chernyshov, M Hostettler, KW Törnroos, HB Bürgi
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A new multipurpose diffractometer PILATUS@ SNBL
V Dyadkin, P Pattison, V Dmitriev, D Chernyshov
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The origin of antiferroelectricity in PbZrO 3
AK Tagantsev, K Vaideeswaran, SB Vakhrushev, AV Filimonov, ...
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Porous and dense magnesium borohydride frameworks: synthesis, stability, and reversible absorption of guest species
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Lightest borohydride probed by synchrotron X-ray diffraction: experiment calls for a new theoretical revision
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Challenges in Engineering Spin Crossover: Structures and Magnetic Properties of Six Alcohol Solvates of Iron(II) Tris(2‐picolylamine) Dichloride
M Hostettler, KW Törnroos, D Chernyshov, B Vangdal, HB Bürgi
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EY Zarechnaya, L Dubrovinsky, N Dubrovinskaia, Y Filinchuk, ...
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Lithium Diffusion Pathway in Li1.3Al0.3Ti1.7(PO4)3 (LATP) Superionic Conductor
M Monchak, T Hupfer, A Senyshyn, H Boysen, D Chernyshov, T Hansen, ...
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A Polymorph Lost and Found: The High‐Temperature Crystal Structure of Pentacene
T Siegrist, C Besnard, S Haas, M Schiltz, P Pattison, D Chernyshov, ...
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Crystal Handedness and Spin Helix Chirality in
SV Grigoriev, D Chernyshov, VA Dyadkin, V Dmitriev, SV Maleyev, ...
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Chiral Properties of Structure and Magnetism in Mn 1− x Fe x Ge Compounds: When the Left and the Right are Fighting, Who Wins?
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High‐Pressure Polymorphism as a Step towards Destabilization of LiBH4
Y Filinchuk, D Chernyshov, A Nevidomskyy, V Dmitriev
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Light metal borohydrides: crystal structures and beyond
Y Filinchuk, D Chernyshov, V Dmitriev
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Diffuse scattering in relaxor ferroelectrics: true three-dimensional mapping, experimental artefacts and modelling
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Journal of alloys and compounds 446, 280-289, 2007
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