Mihail Silaev
Mihail Silaev
KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
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Microscopic theory of type-1.5 superconductivity in multiband systems
M Silaev, E Babaev
Physical Review B 84 (9), 094515, 2011
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M Silaev, E Babaev
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FS Bergeret, M Silaev, P Virtanen, TT Heikkilä
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M Silaev, TT Heikkilä, P Virtanen
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MA Silaev
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MA Silaev, EV Thuneberg, M Fogelström
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M Silaev
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MA Silaev
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Gauge theory of the long-range proximity effect and spontaneous currents in superconducting heterostructures with strong ferromagnets
IV Bobkova, AM Bobkov, MA Silaev
Physical Review B 96 (9), 094506, 2017
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