Diogo Silva
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Application of the Apn2/MAT locus to improve the systematics of the Colletotrichum gloeosporioides complex: an example from coffee (Coffea spp.) hosts
DN Silva, P Talhinhas, V Várzea, L Cai, OS Paulo, D Batista
Mycologia 104 (2), 396-409, 2012
Host‐jump drives rapid and recent ecological speciation of the emergent fungal pathogen Colletotrichum kahawae
DN Silva, P Talhinhas, L Cai, L Manuel, EK Gichuru, A Loureiro, V Várzea, ...
Molecular Ecology 21 (11), 2655-2670, 2012
The coffee leaf rust pathogen Hemileia vastatrix: one and a half centuries around the tropics
P Talhinhas, D Batista, I Diniz, A Vieira, DN Silva, A Loureiro, S Tavares, ...
Molecular plant pathology 18 (8), 1039-1051, 2017
New mitochondrial and nuclear evidences support recent demographic expansion and an atypical phylogeographic pattern in the spittlebug Philaenus spumarius (Hemiptera …
ASB Rodrigues, SE Silva, E Marabuto, DN Silva, MR Wilson, V Thompson, ...
PLoS One 9 (6), e98375, 2014
chewBBACA: A complete suite for gene-by-gene schema creation and strain identification
M Silva, MP Machado, DN Silva, M Rossi, J Moran-Gilad, S Santos, ...
Microbial genomics 4 (3), 2018
Evolutionary and biogeographic insights on the Macaronesian Beta-Patellifolia species (Amaranthaceae) from a time-scaled molecular phylogeny
MM Romeiras, A Vieira, DN Silva, M Moura, A Santos-Guerra, D Batista, ...
PloS one 11 (3), e0152456, 2016
Age estimates of Frullania (Frullaniaceae, Porellales) main lineages: another example of rapid and recent diversification in liverwort evolution
SE Silva, DN Silva, T Almeida, CÉA Garcia, OÁS Paulo, M Sim-sim
Systematics and biodiversity 15 (2), 156-165, 2017
Structure_threader: An improved method for automation and parallelization of programs structure, fastStructure and MavericK on multicore CPU systems
F Pina‐Martins, DN Silva, J Fino, OS Paulo
Molecular ecology resources 17 (6), e268-e274, 2017
Genomic patterns of positive selection at the origin of rust fungi
DN Silva, S Duplessis, P Talhinhas, H Azinheira, OS Paulo, D Batista
PloS one 10 (12), e0143959, 2015
Legitimacy and implications of reducing Colletotrichum kahawae to subspecies in plant pathology
D Batista, DN Silva, A Vieira, A Cabral, AS Pires, A Loureiro, ...
Frontiers in plant science 7, 2051, 2017
Population structure of Colletotrichum kahawae the causal agent of coffee berry disease (CBD) insights from a multi-locus approach
D Silva, P Talhinhas, V Várzea, A Loureiro, MC Silva, OS Paulo, D Batista
Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Coffee Science. Bali …, 2010
Population genomic footprints of host adaptation, introgression and recombination in coffee leaf rust
DN Silva, V Várzea, OS Paulo, D Batista
Molecular plant pathology 19 (7), 1742-1753, 2018
Plasmid ATLAS: plasmid visual analytics and identification in high-throughput sequencing data
TF Jesus, B Ribeiro-Gonçalves, DN Silva, V Bortolaia, M Ramirez, ...
Nucleic acids research 47 (D1), D188-D194, 2018
Phylogenetic analysis of Hemileia vastatrix and related taxa using a genome-scale approach
DN Silva, A Vieira, P Talhinhas, HG Azinheira, MC Silva, D Fernandez, ...
Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Coffee Science, 11–16 …, 2012
Analysis of population genetic diversity and differentiation in Hemileia vastatrix by molecular markers
D Batista, L Guerra-Guimaraes, P Talhinhas, A Loureiro, DN Silva, ...
Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Coffee Science (ASIC), 3-8, 2010
Analysis of the neutral and adaptive genetic variation of Colletotrichum kahawae and its relationship with the C. gloeosporioides complex
DNPR Silva
Novel insights on colonization routes and evolutionary potential of Colletotrichum kahawae, a severe pathogen of Coffea arabica
A Vieira, DN Silva, V Várzea, OS Paulo, D Batista
Molecular plant pathology 19 (11), 2488-2501, 2018
Population genomics of Hemileia vastatrix using RAD sequencing.
DN Silva, V Várzea, AP Pereira, OS Paulo, D Batista
25th International Conference on Coffee Science, ASIC 2014, Armenia …, 2014
TriFusion: Streamlining phylogenomic data gathering, processing and visualization
DN Silva, F Alves, D Batista, OS Paulo
Phylogenomic and population genomic insights on the evolutionary history of …, 2018
Phylogenomic and population genomic insights on the evolutionary history of coffee leaf rust within the rust fungi
DNPR Silva
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