Filipa Monteiro, PhD
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Subtilisin-like proteases in plant–pathogen recognition and immune priming: a perspective
A Figueiredo, F Monteiro, M Sebastiana
Frontiers in plant science 5, 739, 2014
Reference gene selection and validation for the early responses to downy mildew infection in susceptible and resistant Vitis vinifera cultivars
F Monteiro, M Sebastiana, MS Pais, A Figueiredo
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A Figueiredo, F Monteiro, AM Fortes, M Bonow-Rex, E Zyprian, L Sousa, ...
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Validation of reference genes for normalization of qPCR gene expression data from Coffea spp. hypocotyls inoculated with Colletotrichum kahawae
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M Maia, F Monteiro, M Sebastiana, AP Marques, AEN Ferreira, AP Freire, ...
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Patterns of genetic diversity in three plant lineages endemic to the Cape Verde Islands
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Cashew as a high agricultural commodity in West Africa: insights towards sustainable production in Guinea-Bissau
F Monteiro, L Catarino, D Batista, B Indjai, MC Duarte, MM Romeiras
Sustainability 9 (9), 1666, 2017
Natural polymorphisms of HIV type 2 pol sequences from drug-naive individuals
R Parreira, F Monteiro, E Pádua, J Piedade, T Venenno, MT Paixão, ...
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Biodiversity Assessment of Sugar Beet Species and Its Wild Relatives: Linking Ecological Data with New Genetic Approaches
F Monteiro, MM Romeiras, D Batista, MC Duarte
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Tracking cashew economically important diseases in the West African region using metagenomics
F Monteiro, MM Romeiras, A Figueiredo, M Sebastiana, A Baldé, ...
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Labellum transcriptome reveals alkene biosynthetic genes involved in orchid sexual deception and pollination-induced senescence
HCCMSP Filipa Monteiro, Mónica Sebastiana, Andreia
Functional & Integrative Genomics, 2012
Genetic distinctiveness of rye in situ accessions from Portugal unveils a new hotspot of unexplored genetic resources
F Monteiro, P Vidigal, AB Barros, A Monteiro, HR Oliveira, W Viegas
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M Sebastiana, B Duarte, F Monteiro, R Malhó, I Caçador, AR Matos
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 144, 157-165, 2019
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