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Vision using multiple distinct rod opsins in deep-sea fishes
Z Musilova, F Cortesi, M Matschiner, WIL Davies, JS Patel, SM Stieb, ...
Science 364 (6440), 588-592, 2019
The class II PI 3-kinase, PI3KC2a, links platelet internal membrane structure to shear-dependent adhesive function
J Mountford, C Petitjean, H Lee, J McFadyen, S Schoenwaelder, A Eckly, ...
Nature Communications [E] 6, 1-22, 2015
The genetic and evolutionary drives behind primate color vision
LS Carvalho, D Pessoa, JK Mountford, WIL Davies, DM Hunt
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Atherosclerosis proceeds independently of thrombin-induced platelet activation in ApoE-/- mice.
JR Hamilton, I Cornelissen, JK Mountford, SR Coughlin
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Pushing the limits of photoreception in twilight conditions: the rod-like cone retina of the deep-sea pearlsides
F de Busserolles, F Cortesi, JV Helvik, WIL Davies, RM Templin, ...
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Safety and efficacy of targeting platelet proteinase-activated receptors in combination with existing anti-platelet drugs as antithrombotics in mice.
H Lee, SA Sturgeon, JK Mountford, SP Jackson, JR Hamilton
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Visual pigments in a palaeognath bird, the emu Dromaius novaehollandiae: implications for spectral sensitivity and the origin of ultraviolet vision
NS Hart, JK Mountford, WIL Davies, SP Collin, DM Hunt
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Combined deficiency of PI3KC2α and PI3KC2β reveals a nonredundant role for PI3KC2α in regulating mouse platelet structure and thrombus stability
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Policy entrepreneurship in education: Engagement, influence and impact
J Arthur
Taylor & Francis, 2017
The role of the voltage-gated potassium channel proteins Kv8. 2 and Kv2. 1 in vision and retinal disease: insights from the study of mouse gene knock-out mutations
NS Hart, JK Mountford, V Voigt, P Fuller-Carter, M Barth, JM Nerbonne, ...
Eneuro 6 (1), 2019
Differential stability of variant OPN1LW gene transcripts in myopic patients
JK Mountford, WIL Davies, LR Griffiths, S Yazar, DA Mackey, DM Hunt
Molecular vision 25, 183, 2019
Role of the voltage-gated potassium channel subunit Kv8. 2 in inherited retinal disease and interaction with other channel proteins
DM Hunt, N Hart, JK Mountford, M Barth, P Fuller-Carter, LS Carvalho
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mmatschiner/opsin_evolution: Code for Musilova et al.
Z Musilova, F Cortesi, M Matschiner, WIL Davies, JS Patel, SM Stieb, ...
Github, 2017
Variation in the L and M cone opsin genes as a causative factor in myopia
JK Mountford, WI Davies, JN De Roach, TL McLaren, TM Lamey, ...
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 55 (13), 1350-1350, 2014
The Class II PI3K, PI3K-C2a, regulates internal membrane reserves and biomechanical integrin aIIbβ3 adhesive function in platelets: OC 11.6
J Hamilton, J Mountford, C Petitjean, S Schoenwaelder, R Dickins, ...
Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 11, 2013
Defining the role of Class II Phosphoinositide 3-Kinases in platelet function.
JK Mountford
Monash University, 0
Spectral sensitivity and distribution of retinal photoreceptors in the sleepy lizard, Tiliqua rugosa
N Nagloo, J Mountford, B Gundry, NS Hart, W Davies, SP Collin, ...
Re: Proposal to use drum lines for shark population control and targeting of sharks entering protected beach zones
WA Premier, C Barnett, WAO Leader, M McGowan, DP Barnett, ...
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