Vera L. Nunes
Vera L. Nunes
Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes (cE3c), Fac.Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa
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Multiple approaches to detect outliers in a genome scan for selection in ocellated lizards (Lacerta lepida) along an environmental gradient
Molecular Ecology 20 (2), 193-205, 2011
Association of Mc1r variants with ecologically relevant phenotypes in the European ocellated lizard, Lacerta lepida
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Genomic signatures of introgression between commercial and native bumblebees, Bombus terrestris, in western Iberian Peninsula—Implications for conservation …
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Conflicting patterns of DNA barcoding and taxonomy in the cicada genus Tettigettalna from southern Europe (Hemiptera: Cicadidae)
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Population genomics of Bombus terrestris reveals high but unstructured genetic diversity in a potential glacial refugium
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Zoologica Scripta 52, 100-116, 2023
Current distribution raises concerns on the conservation of Tettigettalna mariae (Quartau & Boulard, 1995)(Hemiptera: Cicadoidea) in Portugal
VL Nunes, R Mendes, JA Quartau, PC Simões
Título: Ecologi@-Revista Online da Sociedade Portuguesa de Ecologia–Número 7 …, 2014
Testing drivers of acoustic divergence in cicadas (Cicadidae: Tettigettalna)
R Mendes, VL Nunes, E Marabuto, GJ Costa, SE Silva, OS Paulo, ...
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 36 (2), 461-479, 2023
Speciation in spatially structured populations: identifying genes responsible for local adaptation
VLM Nunes
Universidade de Lisboa, 2011
Segregation of SSR and AFLP Loci in Chestnut F1 Hybrids (Castanea sativa× C. crenata/C. mollissima)
D Batista, VL Nunes, J Gomes-Laranjo, OS Paulo, R Costa
IV International Chestnut Symposium 844, 249-256, 2008
A first look at sea-lavenders genomics – can genome wide SNP information tip the scales of controversy in the Limonium vulgare species complex?
F Pina-Martins, AD Caperta, SIR Conceicao, VL Nunes, I Marques, ...
BMC plant biology 23 (1), 34, 2023
Lyristes plebejus (Scopoli, 1763), Vulnerável (VU), Ficha de Espécie
JAQ Paula C. Simões, Vera L. Nunes, Raquel Mendes, Gonçalo Costa
Livro Vermelho dos Invertebrados de Portugal Continental. Boieiro, M., Ceia …, 2023
Hilahura varipes (Waltl, 1837), Em Perigo (EN), Ficha de Espécie
JAQ Paula C. Simões, Vera L. Nunes, Raquel Mendes, Gonçalo Costa …, 2023
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