Dr. Jayasmita Jana
Dr. Jayasmita Jana
Post-doc Researcher, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Ulsan
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Enlightening surface plasmon resonance effect of metal nanoparticles for practical spectroscopic application
J Jana, M Ganguly, T Pal
RSC advances 6 (89), 86174-86211, 2016
Morphology Controlled Synthesis of SnS2 Nanomaterial for Promoting Photocatalytic Reduction of Aqueous Cr(VI) under Visible Light
C Mondal, M Ganguly, J Pal, A Roy, J Jana, T Pal
Langmuir 30 (14), 4157-4164, 2014
Remarkable Facet Selective Reduction of 4-Nitrophenol by Morphologically Tailored (111) Faceted Cu2O Nanocatalyst
T Aditya, J Jana, NK Singh, A Pal, T Pal
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J Jana, HJ Lee, JS Chung, MH Kim, SH Hur
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One pot synthesis of intriguing fluorescent carbon dots for sensing and live cell imaging
J Jana, M Ganguly, B Das, S Dhara, Y Negishi, T Pal
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YLT Ngo, PL Nguyen, J Jana, WM Choi, JS Chung, SH Hur
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Synergism of gold and silver invites enhanced fluorescence for practical applications
M Ganguly, J Jana, A Pal, T Pal
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Selective dopamine chemosensing using silver-enhanced fluorescence
M Ganguly, C Mondal, J Jana, A Pal, T Pal
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One-pot fabrication of perforated graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets decorated with copper oxide by controlled ammonia and sulfur trioxide release for enhanced catalytic activity
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Intriguing cysteine induced improvement of the emissive property of carbon dots with sensing applications
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Carbon dot-MnO2 FRET system for fabrication of molecular logic gates
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Silver molybdates with intriguing morphology and as a peroxidase mimic with high sulfide sensing capacity
T Aditya, J Jana, R Sahoo, A Roy, A Pal, T Pal
Crystal Growth & Design 17 (1), 295-307, 2017
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