Albertino Bigiani
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Efferent vagal fibre stimulation blunts nuclear factor-κB activation and protects against hypovolemic hemorrhagic shock
S Guarini, D Altavilla, MM Cainazzo, D Giuliani, A Bigiani, H Marini, ...
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Activation of an efferent cholinergic pathway produces strong protection against myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury in rats
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Adrenocorticotropin reverses hemorrhagic shock in anesthetized rats through the rapid activation of a vagal anti-inflammatory pathway
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Activation of the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway reduces NF-κB activation, blunts TNF-α production, and protects againts splanchic artery occlusion shock
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Palytoxin action on the Na+, K+-ATPase and the disruption of ion equilibria in biological systems
GP Rossini, A Bigiani
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Responses to glutamate in rat taste cells
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Pheromone reception in mammals
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Mouse taste cells with glialike membrane properties
A Bigiani
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Modulation of potassium current and calcium influx by somatostatin in rod bipolar cells isolated from the rabbit retina via sst2 receptors
C Petrucci, V Resta, F Fieni, A Bigiani, P Bagnoli
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Identification of electrophysiologically distinct cell subpopulations in Necturus taste buds.
A Bigiani, SD Roper
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Activation of the CREB/c-Fos pathway during long-term synaptic plasticity in the cerebellum granular layer
D Gandolfi, S Cerri, J Mapelli, M Polimeni, S Tritto, MT Fuzzati-Armentero, ...
Frontiers in cellular neuroscience 11, 184, 2017
Use of a 3D floating sphere culture system to maintain the neural crest-related properties of human dental pulp stem cells
A Pisciotta, L Bertoni, M Riccio, J Mapelli, A Bigiani, M La Noce, M Orciani, ...
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Mediation of responses to calcium in taste cells by modulation of a potassium conductance
AR Bigiani, SD Roper
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Long-term effects of nicotine on rat fungiform taste buds
S Tomassini, V Cuoghi, E Catalani, G Casini, A Bigiani
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Channels as taste receptors in vertebrates
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How proteins come together in the plasma membrane and function in macromolecular assemblies
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Functional correlates of somatostatin receptor 2 overexpression in the retina of mice with genetic deletion of somatostatin receptor 1
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Olfactory sensitivity to amino acids in the juvenile stages of the European eel Anguilla anguilla (L.)
R Crnjar, G Slcalera, A Bigiani, I Tomassini Barbarossa, PC Magherini, ...
Journal of Fish Biology 40 (4), 567-576, 1992
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