Adrian Podpirka
Adrian Podpirka
PhD, Johns Hopkins Univeristy Applied Physics Laboratory
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Resonant domain-wall-enhanced tunable microwave ferroelectrics
Z Gu, S Pandya, A Samanta, S Liu, G Xiao, CJG Meyers, AR Damodaran, ...
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Transference Numbers for In‐Plane Carrier Conduction in Thin Film Nanostructured Gadolinia‐Doped Ceria Under Varying Oxygen Partial Pressure
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Structure and composition of Ba0. 5Sr0. 5TiO3 films deposited on (001) MgO substrates and the influence of sputtering pressure
ME Twigg, LMB Alldredge, W Chang, A Podpirka, SW Kirchoefer, ...
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Step graded buffer for (110) InSb quantum wells grown by molecular beam epitaxy
AA Podpirka, ME Twigg, JG Tischler, R Magno, BR Bennett
Journal of crystal growth 404, 122-129, 2014
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