Sam Lofland
Sam Lofland
Professor of Physics, Rowan University
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Multiferroic batio3-cofe2o4 nanostructures
H Zheng, J Wang, SE Lofland, Z Ma, L Mohaddes-Ardabili, T Zhao, ...
Science 303 (5658), 661-663, 2004
High Temperature Ferromagnetism with a Giant Magnetic Moment in Transparent Co-doped S n O 2− δ
SB Ogale, RJ Choudhary, JP Buban, SE Lofland, SR Shinde, SN Kale, ...
Physical Review Letters 91 (7), 077205, 2003
On the origin of high-temperature ferromagnetism in the low-temperature-processed Mn–Zn–O system
DC Kundaliya, SB Ogale, SE Lofland, S Dhar, CJ Metting, SR Shinde, ...
Nature materials 3 (10), 709-714, 2004
Ferromagnetism in laser deposited anatase Ti 1− x Co x O 2− δ films
SR Shinde, SB Ogale, SD Sarma, JR Simpson, HD Drew, SE Lofland, ...
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Material characteristics of perovskite manganese oxide thin films for bolometric applications
A Goyal, M Rajeswari, R Shreekala, SE Lofland, SM Bhagat, T Boettcher, ...
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Identification of novel compositions of ferromagnetic shape-memory alloys using composition spreads
I Takeuchi, OO Famodu, JC Read, MA Aronova, KS Chang, ...
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Stress-induced effects in epitaxial (La0. 7Sr0. 3) MnO3 films
C Kwon, MC Robson, KC Kim, JY Gu, SE Lofland, SM Bhagat, ...
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 172 (3), 229-236, 1997
Electrical transport, thermal transport, and elastic properties of M 2 Al C (M= Ti, Cr, Nb, and V)
JD Hettinger, SE Lofland, P Finkel, T Meehan, J Palma, K Harrell, S Gupta, ...
Physical Review B 72 (11), 115120, 2005
Nanorods of manganese oxalate: a single source precursor to different manganese oxide nanoparticles (MnO, Mn 2 O 3, Mn 3 O 4)
T Ahmad, KV Ramanujachary, SE Lofland, AK Ganguli
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Giant magnetostriction in annealed Co 1− x Fe x thin-films
D Hunter, W Osborn, K Wang, N Kazantseva, J Hattrick-Simpers, ...
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Self-assembled single-crystal ferromagnetic iron nanowires formed by decomposition
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Bulk synthesis and high-temperature ferromagnetism of with Cu co-doping
YK Yoo, Q Xue, HC Lee, S Cheng, XD Xiang, GF Dionne, S Xu, J He, ...
Applied Physics Letters 86 (4), 042506, 2005
Elastic and electronic properties of select phases
SE Lofland, JD Hettinger, K Harrell, P Finkel, S Gupta, MW Barsoum, ...
Applied physics letters 84 (4), 508-510, 2004
An investigation of structural, magnetic and dielectric properties of R2NiMnO6 (R= rare earth, Y)
RJ Booth, R Fillman, H Whitaker, A Nag, RM Tiwari, KV Ramanujachary, ...
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Micro-supercapacitors from carbide derived carbon (CDC) films on silicon chips
P Huang, M Heon, D Pech, M Brunet, PL Taberna, Y Gogotsi, S Lofland, ...
Journal of Power Sources 225, 240-244, 2013
Correlation between magnetic homogeneity, oxygen content, and electrical and magnetic properties of perovskite manganite thin films
M Rajeswari, R Shreekala, A Goyal, SE Lofland, SM Bhagat, K Ghosh, ...
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Magnetic and electrochemical properties of nickel oxide nanoparticles obtained by the reverse-micellar route
T Ahmad, KV Ramanujachary, SE Lofland, AK Ganguli
Solid State Sciences 8 (5), 425-430, 2006
Film thickness and temperature dependence of the magnetic properties of pulsed-laser-deposited Fe 3 O 4 films on different substrates
S Kale, SM Bhagat, SE Lofland, T Scabarozi, SB Ogale, A Orozco, ...
Physical Review B 64 (20), 205413, 2001
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